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Apparently, it’s Acronis’ corporate policy to give away serial numbers, and to refuse anyone who doesn’t have a legitimate reason to get one.

Why do you need the serial number for Ture Image? – There’s no need at all, but if you need, and want to know how to get it, just ask.
As to the questions: You asked, so here is an answer:
I have a pretty good idea, based on much experience with client solutions which have similar problems, that you need a serial number for Acronis True Image because the client solution at the company you work for, or for the organization you work for, has its data server in a central server farm, and the servers in this farm run the client application which you are trying to use to backup the data.
For the example I just described, these servers are the Acronis software servers.
If this is a long shot, you are more than welcome to submit a bug report through the support@acronis.com email address, telling them that you need the serial number to backup your data, and that you do not have a good reason to get one, and you are sure that they will not send you one.
As to the cost of the serial number: There’s no reason to think about the cost here, because the cost will be the same as the value of the service it provides, that is, if the service is provided for free, then you probably will not need to pay for it, if you don’t get it.

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Unpack the compressed file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.
Copy the key from the folder folder.
Install the software.
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