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I’d simply use regex to extract the last group
using regex;

var str = “Axam-Bhagalpur-02.20.2010.mp3.part1.ivf.mp4.lossless”;
var pattern = @”(.*?)\.mp4″;
Match match = Regex.Match(str, pattern, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
var lastGroup = match.Groups[1].Value;

The regex in this case is looking for the extension and any other characters that are not to be parsed, then you can use the value of the last group.

on the last day of the trial, during the direct examination of the officer in charge of the investigation, County Attorney Cadle brought to the court’s attention the State’s possession of a copy of the official police report. The County Attorney warned the jury against using the report, and said that the State would not call the report as a witness. Because the testimony of the officer in charge of the investigation was the State’s last witness, the report’s contents became relevant and admissible for the purpose of impeaching the officer’s credibility as a witness. The trial court, however, instructed the jury that the report was not evidence, and was not to be considered by them as evidence in the case. Appellant contends that because the County Attorney stated that the report would not be called as a witness, but it was later introduced as evidence, the court effectively told the jury that the report was an admission of appellant and his counsel were to blame for its admission, and thus appellant was denied effective counsel.

Appellant’s contention is without merit. The report was introduced, not as an admission of guilt, but as rebuttal to the testimony of a hostile witness. As this court stated in United States v. Cravero, 545 F.2d 406, 420 (5th Cir. 1977):

The Supreme Court has held that the Sixth Amendment right to counsel does not extend to proceedings prior to arrest. Kirby v. Illinois, supra, (406 U.S.) at 689 (92 S.Ct. 1877, 32 L.Ed.2d 411


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