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* Use the free trial version of Photoshop to test out the tools and learn the interface on a non-production site. Be sure to print the trial version to test out printing.

Photoshop alternatives include:

* Adobe Elements —for basic or light-feature-oriented compositing, retouching, and simple illustrations
* GIMP —a free open source photo editing application
* Paint.NET —a cross-platform free edition of the Windows application Paint
* CorelDRAW X3 —a cross-platform product that Adobe no longer supports; see the sidebar “CorelDRAW X3: Still a Photoshop killer”
* Macromedia Dreamweaver —for web design
* Adobe Fireworks —a new version of Fireworks, a vector program for Windows, Mac, and Linux, is expected in mid-2014
* Inkscape —a free open source program with most of the features found in Photoshop and a cross-platform version available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

# CorelDRAW X3: Still a Photoshop killer

CorelDRAW X3 is a fully integrated, full-featured, and very powerful graphics and illustration program for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. CorelDRAW X3 is not only a product that matches or exceeds Photoshop but also Adobe’s flagship product, Creative Suite 3. Some publications like _Newsweek_ are still using CorelDRAW X3.

CorelDRAW X3 uses vector (aka raster) graphics and is a work-in-progress program; with updates, the program can be powerful. It has all the image editing and manipulation features found in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, as well as advanced drawing and illustration features. It also includes tools for creating web graphics and print graphics.

CorelDRAW X3’s interface is similar to Photoshop.

Here are some photo editing features:

* Quick loading of any image on the computer via drag and drop
* Composite layers
* The Layers panel
* Automatic red-eye removal
* Multiple image adjustments—such as levels, saturation, and lightness
* A plug-in feature that integrates with the _Image Processing_ subsection’s Photo Match feature
* Video effects
* Special effects effects
* Smart Objects
* Additional adjustments with the Transform tool
* Channels, curves, and masking

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This tutorial will walk you through creating a simple Photoshop painting using some of the features in Photoshop Elements. We’ll start by opening an image, adding a new layer and painting the image. Then we’ll take a break to watch a short video about the features of Photoshop Elements.

You can watch that video about Photoshop Elements at the bottom of this tutorial. It’s 11 minutes long and will walk you through an example of Photoshop Elements’ tools, features and options.

While Photoshop Elements is a free online graphics editor, it does require a free account to use the full version. You can sign up to try it out without sharing any of your information for 30 days.

Step 1

You will need a free account with Adobe to use Photoshop Elements.

Once you are on your account, click the Start a Free Trial button to start using the software.

Step 2

With your Elements open, add a new image layer and select the Crop tool. After the image is cropped to your liking, press Enter on your keyboard to create a new layer.

Step 3

Using the brush tool, create a semi-transparent brush and start painting onto the new layer.

Step 4

As you’re painting you’ll notice that you’re now getting a little bit of feedback. This is the watermark that you are painting on your image.

To undo the brush strokes, press Ctrl+Z. The brush selection layer is still selected but it is no longer on the layer.

To make the watermark itself more visible, select the selection brush tool. The selection mask is another example of the transparency we had mentioned earlier.

Click the mask icon next to the watermark to show the mask on that area.

Step 5

As you are working, you can use the Layers palette to turn on and off layers.

You’ll see that once a layer is turned on, a portion of the mask is filled in with the color of the layer.

Press Enter to add a new layer.

Step 6

Using the paintbrush, paint over the words. Remember that you can use the paintbrush to move the paint around by using the bracket on your keyboard. Press Enter to add a new layer.

Step 7

Using the selection brush, select the circle of the words and press Enter. Copy and paste the

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Wednesday, March 26, 2007


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I love that you posted about all of these boards. You have made me want to go through them and see what kind of prizes they have for people to enter. How do you do that? Do they have a website? Or do you have to sign up for the boards?Q:

g++ 4.6 as default C++ compiler for VS2010

I’m trying to get Visual Studio 2010 to use g++ 4.6 for C++ compilations.
Changing the project setting to use g++ 4.6 from 4.5 works, but it makes Visual Studio automatically select 4.6 for all C++ projects. However, I do not want this, only for one project or two…


Go to Tools/Options/Text Editor/C/C++/Code Generation/Code Generation Platform
Change it to g++ 4.5.3.


I was looking for a similar setting but didn’t find it. It appears the setting is buried in the Options->Configure Options Dialog.
If you right click on the project name in the solution explorer and click properties, you will get to the properties for the active project. Under configuration select C++ under the settings tab.


Follow this steps to set C++ Code Generation platform (in VS2010) for g++ 4.6:

Go to Tools/Options/Text Editor/C/C++/Code Generation/Code Generation Platform

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