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Adobe Photoshop CS3-Spanish Serial Key Keygen

its been published elsewhere that adobe will not offer upgrade pricing more than three versions back on photoshop cs3. does this make my ps6 an orphan im using another copy of cs2 to try the beta and would like to update both.
[i dont believe adobe has stated anything publicly along those lines, but ill check. would you let me know where youve seen this written thanks, j.]

there are multiple adobe photoshop plans to choose from. you can get an annual plan thats either billed monthly at us$20.99/mo or billed upfront at us$239.88/yr, or you can get a creative cloud all apps or photography plan that comes with photoshop plus additional apps. all plans give you access to the latest photoshop features and updates, photoshop on the ipad, cloud storage, and more. compare plans and pricing.

im having problems trying to activate the cs3 beta. i am currently licensed user of cs2 on mac os x 10.4.8
the 24 digit license code on the cs2 install cd does not work. of no phone support as this is a beta and i was directed here. how can i activate the beta any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
[jay, please send mail to so that we can investigate. j.]

i recently purchased the adobe creative suite and soon after the cs3 application that i was using, i opened photoshop cs3 with an error message that said that the license for photoshop cs3 for my computer was invalid. i was using a new, just-installed version of photoshop cs3, and adobe had recently updated the serial number of photoshop cs3. i contacted the adobe customer service department on multiple occasions over a three week period and they kept telling me that the serial number had been changed. they finally admitted to me that the serial number had indeed changed, but they weren’t going to change it for me and they couldn’t give me an answer as to why the serial number was changed. i’ve also called the cs3 help number and they’ve told me that the serial number has not changed.
i’m starting to wonder if i should just delete my copy of cs3 and purchase a new copy.
this is just ridiculous. adobe is supposed to be the industry leader in software licensing, but they’re making it so hard to use their software!

i’m using photoshop cs3 on windows vista. i tried all of your suggestions, except for that weird thing about the cd-key. i’ve downloaded a trial version of photoshop, installed, activated it, made the same setting changes as you described and it worked (all the way through). i don’t know what to do next. even though i’ve installed the trial version, i think that the hardrive is still cs3. when i go to the main menu, i get cs3, but when i try to start a new document, nothing appears. my computer is running slow and when i try to get into any of my other programs, it just seems to hang when i load them. i think that i need to be running cs3 for this to work, but i can’t figure out what i should do. can you please help me?
to correct the problem, i have restarted the vista os on my pc, reinstalled photoshop, loaded the new trial version, now my main menu won’t open and when i try to load any of my programs, the pc just freezes.
here is a tip for you: when you are presented with the options to make photoshop cs3 your default photoshop, go to the preferences section and uncheck any options that you do not want to have be your default. then, let your fingers do the walking in the section that says “choose other preferences as default”.
i just upgraded to cs3 to edit picture after i noticed that although i am now able to open the pro cs2 on my mac and that will work fine and will work with cs3 i can’t get the cs3 to run or have me logo out to be an adobe user and i don’t know why or how to get it to work. i called adobe cs3 support and was never put on hold and never got a return call back. i have been very unhappy with cs3 so i had to switch to cs2 on my mac but i have to switch it back so i am pissed off about that. [jay, please send mail to so that we can investigate. j.]

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