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* **Image Preview** Used to see what the final image will look like.
* **Photoshop Layers** Allows you to create multiple layers that you can add, delete, or even edit properties of. A layer acts as a mask or a filter of sorts.
* **Lightroom** A popular standard image-editing program that can be used together with Photoshop. It works in a similar manner, although it’s a bit more powerful. Many tutorials and courses are available to help you get started with Lightroom.
* **GIMP** Another popular image-editing program. Used together with Photoshop, it may work better.
* **Adobe Camera Raw** Used to edit images. It works the same way that Photoshop does, except that the interface is much simpler.
* **Adobe Photoshop Elements** A cheaper version of Photoshop that can be used to edit images, crop them, and create effects.

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The first version was released in November 2000, and was a bug-fix release for the original Photoshop. It features a few new features like the focus point tool, clarity filters and a GIF editor. The 2.0 update was released in September 2003, and the 3.0 update in December 2012. Adobe has released two main updates since the 3.0 release, and two minor updates.

This post lists the links to these updates. You can find a list of all updates and new features here.


In this post we will show how to install Photoshop Elements in Linux distros that use packages, and how to install Photoshop Elements in any other Linux distribution. The sections are as follows:

Installing Photoshop Elements in Ubuntu

Installing Photoshop Elements in Debian

Installing Photoshop Elements in Fedora

Installing Photoshop Elements in OpenSUSE

Installing Photoshop Elements in Gentoo

Installing Photoshop Elements in Arch Linux

Installing Photoshop Elements in SuSE

Installing Photoshop Elements in Tails

Installing Photoshop Elements in Slackware

Installing Photoshop Elements in Ubuntu

The latest version of Photoshop Elements is 14.2.1. Using the Google Chrome browser on Windows 8 and higher, you can access a download page for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

1. Download Photoshop Elements

For the installation method, we will first download a script that will enable us to install Photoshop Elements from the web. You can also download the.deb installer.

To download a script, first visit the official web page where you can click on the below link to download the.deb installer file.

Alternatively, you can also download the Photoshop Elements 14.2.1 deb installer file directly from the Official Mac App Store.

After downloading the installer, run the script to install Photoshop Elements 14.2.1.

The next step involves starting Photoshop Elements, which we will do by running “startpkexec”.

2. Open the 32-bit Photoshop Elements installer

Open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera) and go to the link below.

Note that if you want to install Adobe Photoshop Elements on 64-bit Ubuntu, 32-bit is the only choice.

3. Click and Install Photoshop Elements

Click on the Install button and follow the instructions.

The installer will ask you to open

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SQL Server 2008 R2 certificate issue with Code First and EF 5

I have a SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard (64 bit) with Service Pack 2 running on Windows Server 2012 and a SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (64 bit) on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1.
I have a db first EF 5.0 Web project that was working fine. I decided to convert the project to code first so I added a new class library project in my solution.
In the Web project I added the connection string from the code first project with the exact same name (the db first one) and connection string but “Server=myservername” instead of “Server=myservername\SQLEXPRESS”
The problem I’m having is that the Certificate is rejecting the connection with the “myfile.rdl” certificate. This is code first and I also get the same error when adding the mdf and ldf files manually (can I get some help with this?)
What is the problem? How can I fix it? How do I prevent this error from happening?


I wasn’t using Integrated Security so I needed to put “enable integrated security=false” in the connection string. Then it worked like a charm.

Couriers Bounce Back, Win Season Opener

In the late 1980s, Brad Gilbert and his wife, Kathy, who worked for World Freight, took an unusual step. They placed an ad in a respected “shipbuilder” magazine, hoping to find a partner.

In 1989, the Gilbert family hired a local Kansas City car-distribution firm, Outaouais, to move a number of boxes and parcels. The company balked at the prospect and approached world-wide moving company World Freight, hoping it could repackage the stuff, and then shipper the contraband through a Canadian border checkpoint.

Brad Gilbert, president of World Freight, thought the idea was a good one, and he in turn placed an ad in the “shipbuilder.” Among other ideas, World Freight ultimately picked up the contract and the couple offered their company and a couple of delivery vehicles.

Thus, a new partnership was born. And, for the next 20 years, the “Gilberts” were able to do business across the border.

“World Freight has been great,” Kathy Gilbert said. “They made it

What’s New in the?

Healthcare providers’ perceptions of dignity in the context of involuntary treatment: an exploration with mental health clients in Sri Lanka.
Existing research on perceptions of dignity focuses predominantly on clients with severe mental illness in the US or Western Europe. Little is known about perceptions of dignity among psychiatric clients in more culturally diverse environments. Using a photovoice methodology, in-depth interviews were conducted with 14 clients (from four different mental health care services) presenting for involuntary psychiatric treatment in Sri Lanka. Interviews were then analysed using interpretive phenomenology. The findings revealed a mostly consistent emphasis on respect and good treatment among the sample, reflecting the influence of beliefs and values prevalent in the community. However, some clients were critical of the mental health care services provided, which served to increase stigma towards mental illness and exacerbate some of the societal pressures. The care of psychiatric clients was thought to be deficient at several levels. Additional steps are required to ensure that mental health services are appropriate for the community they are in.Q:

Query a PostgreSQL from Java

I am writing some codes to read a PostgreSQL data from Java and I found I can’t execute the following command. It works fine when I use the command line(shell).
psql -c ‘SELECT * FROM myTable’ database_name


If you’re using JJDBC, then use the connection method from the DriverManager.
For example:
PSQLException exception;
// create a connection
Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/database_name”, “user”, “password”);
// use the connection
PreparedStatement statement = connection.prepareStatement(“SELECT * FROM myTable”);
// execute the statement
ResultSet result = statement.executeQuery();

See the JJDBC documentation for all the different connection methods.


Can a function body change the argument it’s passed to?

I’m a Clojure newbie, and I’ve just read Borceux’s Categorical Foundations of Mathematics. I know the principle behind the quote, but I really don’t understand it.
(== ‘(:a :b :c :a)
(set! f (constantly (lambda (x) x)))) ;f is now a function that returns its argument

Now the (==…) function obviously returned a truth value,

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Mix Cut Out Combine Create Download:

Windows XP
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Mac OS X 10.7.x
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Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x, Opera 10.6 or above, Chrome, Safari
You can access the game on the following platforms:
PC – Windows XP
PC – Windows Vista
Mac – OS X 10.6.x
Mac – OS X 10.7.x
Linux – Ubuntu 8.04
NOTE: If your system

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