Age Of Empires 2 Language Dll

English Language Patches · Correctifs en Français · Patch in Italiano · Patch in Deutscher Sprache · Patches Para Español · Patches Para o Idioma Português ( .
DLL files for (English/German/French/Russian etc.). To install a different language game text all you need to do is replace the following files in your root Age of .
Why doesn’t Aoe II HD have a language.dll file?. The file language_x1.dll is a 32bit Windows DLL module for Age of Empires II Expansion Language File .
My Gamertag : I have some ideas of what is wrong the game but don’t know how to implement them. DLL Files – Age of Empires 2 Para Ruli Dünya Oldu!!…
Age of Empires 2 Language Dll: which language file do i need to download?.. DLL Files For Age Of Empires II (AOE2) In Dll Format. Updated.Q:

How to use a method using Thread as parameter in Java?

This is a thread method which executes based on time:
public synchronized void keepThread(){


I am using this method in another method call.
public void doAction(){
// [Actions must be synchronized.]
Timer timer = new Timer();
timer.schedule(new TimeTester(), 1000, 0);

public void doSomething(){




Now my question is that doSomething() will not work because the above method is synchronized.
As a solution to this issue I am considering using a second level of threading.
like below
public void doAction(){
Thread one = new Thread(new TimerThread());

// [Actions must be synchronized.]

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