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Ansys HFSS 1502 X64

hfss aedt gives a revolutionary ease of exploring a system with multiple solvers and parallel run-times on either one or many machines. it also enables designers to do a full system analysis for the multiple solver to include their designs. it helps to decrease the total time it takes to complete a design.

it ensures that the project is completed in a much faster time frame with better quality. the end user receives more confidence in the validity of results by rigorously considering coupling effects of the integration while also protecting the vendors design ip. in addition, it also provides full, uncompromised simulation fidelity for encrypted 3d components with hfss and adaptive meshing delivering its gold-standard accuracy.

ansys hfss software can meet the design challenges of rf (radio frequency) chipsets, power electronics, and many of the emerging technologies like iot, microwave, and many more. in addition, it can also be used in any area of electronics industry, wherever the need of designing application specific simulation is required to understand the product or the system.

ansys hfss provides the complete functionality for the design, verification, and optimization for the high frequency rfics. this simulation software supports to design and analyze various rfic chips and antenna in rf frequency range.

it helps designers and engineers to design circuits and systems with custom configurations like multiple ip components, high speed, high-density components, and other custom configurations at a much faster and efficient way. this simulator software also helps the designers to understand the system behavior, errors, and failures thoroughly.

emit can also be deployed in a stand-alone fashion. this allows you to perform all the important rf analysis functions using emit and not having to leave hfss. in addition to the graphical user interface, the emit stand-alone module provides a command-line interface for batch processing of rf analysis results.
thermal management systems (tms) are key components of electronic systems and are responsible for controlling the temperature of a system. hfss thermal modeling provides a powerful tool for analyzing the thermal effects of devices and for optimization of thermal design. thermal performance can be calculated from the design and can be subsequently transferred to simulation or real-time solutions such as the thermal chambers.
the new hfss/emit datalink makes it possible to construct an rfi analysis model in emit directly from the physical 3-d model of the mounted antennas in hfss. this allows for a smooth end-to-end workflow for a full rfi solution in rf environments ranging from large platform cosite interference to electronic device receiver desense.
as a professional hfss solution, ansoft hfss provides a fully coupled electromagnetic environment for more accurate analysis and improved electromagnetic modeling. hfss models are automatically meshed to the highest level of accuracy in one-click. no more tedious mesh generation and optimization necessary.
our rf simulation solution is based on the advanced hfss electromagnetic simulation technology that has served the rf design community for more than 15 years. hfss em simulation technology provides our customers with the fastest, most comprehensive and most accurate solution for analyzing rf signal propagation throughout the product, including multilayer printed circuit boards, packages, antennas and connectors. it is a fully-coupled physics-based simulation solution capable of modeling complete rf systems. it provides engineers with a comprehensive set of tools to perform a design-by-analysis approach that is not possible with any other rf simulation platform.

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