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How can I fetch data from the database and use them in order to update my website?

I’m new to Django and I have a problem. I want to fetch data from the database, manipulate that data with some code, and then use those changes to update my website. I know how to connect to the database and I know how to insert data to the database but I have no idea how to update a website after I’m done manipulating the data in the database.
How do I do this?


You should read Django documentation on template language. You should use template tag {{ }} like this:
from django.template import Context, loader
from views import view_function

context = Context({

template = loader.get_template(“home_view.html”)
html_output = template.render(context)

return HttpResponse(html_output)

And create a template like this:
{% load tagname %}
value_to_use here

And in tags file:
tagnames = {
‘value_to_use’ : value_to_use,

and when you want to use the variable use the syntax like this:
{% value_to_use %}

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