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The XFORCE md5 patch is no longer available for this exact reason. As always, it is your best option to apply MD5 integrity checks to all the files you download from an untrusted source (regardless of what they claim to be), and use the md5 command from the Windows command line to check your hashes after they are complete:
md5 -c list.rar

If you are dealing with a huge number of files, and/or you have a large list to check, you may wish to run the checks in a batch (in this case, a PowerShell loop would suffice):
md5list.txt | md5

I note that you also list the program as a 32-bit binary, but your code is attempting to process a 64-bit executable. The XFORCE MD5 patch is 32-bit.

“It’s one of those things where you see the kids in the classroom,” said Nailah, who grew up in Dorchester and became a pastor at Mount Zion Baptist Church in the Bayview in 2016. “You start to see their kids, they’re all coming up and you’re like, wow. “

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SQL : join with two conditions

I am doing a filter on some tables, which I did with the following sql:
SELECT DISTINCT a.id_art, a.name_art
FROM art AS a
JOIN category AS c ON (a.category_id = c.id_category)
JOIN product AS p ON (c.id_product = p.id_product)
WHERE p.id_produit = 100
AND c.id_category = 1
AND a.status_art 0
GROUP BY a.id_art

which works fine.
BUT I would like to also filter the results such as:
Product with category 1 and 2
Product with category 1 and 3
Product with category 1 and 4
Product with category 2 and 3
Product with category 2 and 4

the results are ordered by product 1 first, then product 2 then 3 then 4.
If I do a second join the filters in the first one are lost. Any idea how to do that with a single sql query?
thanks in advance!


Try this:

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