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Name Behold The Dark
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It’s another day at the Plumber’s office.
You start the day by checking the incoming pipe of the bathroom in your home. You find something inside it that must be taken care of before going back to your work. To get to the origin of the leak, you need to press the right key combination to open the access corridor of the turret.
The turret is in automatic mode. That means it periodically fires its weapons toward the target. It stops when a new enemy appears in its line of sight.
The battle begins. Use your strategic skills to defeat the enemy and stop the leak!
– Free to play
– Leaderboard
– PvP system
– Automatic shooting
– Master the turret
The game is being developed by seven different entities:
Game design, programming, art and music, writing, concepts, sound, music, and business.

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Behold The Dark Features Key:


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The Dark, is a logic game of a collection of 18 different questions. The game will check your ability to solve certain riddles in a correct way. In each game you will have to seek the appropriate answers to 18 questions. Game will start with the portrait of a unicorn, who is searching for his friend. Through the game you will find help from an animated fox. If you can find the fox´s lead, you will be able to start every game. The game will have a lot of stars, diamonds, gold, and many other awards. But watch out, those award are not worth risking your attempt at riddle-solving. Read carefully, and you may win the game. Download The Dark And Enjoy!
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This game requires logic to play and you need to play together to win. It works with 2-4 players (2-3 players works better).
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This game is addictive, play when free and enjoy.

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Behold The Dark Free

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