Bentley Power Rail Track V8i SELECT Series 2 V081107615 32 ##HOT##

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Bentley Power Rail Track V8i SELECT Series 2 V081107615 32

For years, Conn-Dekker has been successful at offering innovative products for the Power Rail Track market, products that offer engineers a simple, high performing way to create rugged, aesthetically pleasing structures.

In addition to the proven RS-1 Frame/Board/Cable sealing system, Conn-Dekker has now designed a new offering that incorporates important thermal and weather applications and is gaining traction with power rail builders around the world. The new PS-1 is complete with insulation, furring, accessories and mounting system to achieve the perfect sealing solution.

By incorporating the built-in power rail frame that provides the bottom insulation layer and furring along with rigid edge connectors, power rail users gain a simple, easy-to-build solution that will leave no cavities or exposed metal. No additional labor is required either, as the PS-1 is installed with the standard furring system, and multiple PS-1’s can be installed together to create sealed islands. The PS-1 also eliminates the need for custom sealing of exposed metal, further reducing costs. The V08.11.09.904 package also includes three different connectors to meet the wide range of applications and power types encountered in power rail.

In this article, we describe the Release 1.5.1 of SELECTseries 8 (SS8) SelectRail Surface Modeling (SRM) software application. SRM is a surface modeling application that is unique to SELECTseries 8. Designed specifically to allow users to create clear surfaces that will enable the modeling of railway tracks, ballast and ties, etc. SRM also includes several utilities that provide quick access to some of the most commonly used modeling tools.

Also, on Sept. 16th, Bentleywill be presenting a webinar titled: “How Organizationsare Using Technology to Advocate for High Speed Rail.” The webinar begins at 9:30 AM ET, 2:30 AM ET and 4:00 AM ET. The session will also be streamed live on Registration is free and no password is needed.
Bentley Power Rail Track is a complete turnkey package for intelligent rail projects that includes an integrated suite of modeling, visualization and collaboration tools. It’s design-ready and conceptually scalable for complex projects of all sizes. It allows designers, engineers, project managers and asset operators to collaborate across borders on a unified platform, providing unprecedented, end-to-end visibility and control across the asset lifecycle. As a software as a service, it can be used by any user, with unlimited number of users at one time, no matter where they are located.
Bentley Power Rail Track is designed to help optimize asset management, improve infrastructure maintenance, increase resiliency and lower operating costs. It provides real-time visibility and control, identification of issues, maintenance scheduling and planning, design tools, collaboration and integrated project management tools.
Bentley Power Rail Track gives industry leading, professional multi-disciplinary teams the power to design, plan and build smarter and more efficient rail assets. With full data access it is designed to help optimize asset management, increase resiliency and lower operating costs.
Bentley Power Rail Track is all of the tools and functions an engineer needs to perform a variety of design tasks and manage an entire rail project, from the conceptual phase through to maintenance. As a central repository, users can access the work of all collaborators, allowing them to collaborate across borders on a unified platform.

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