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Benvista PhotoZoom Pro 8.0.6 Crack

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New features included :
* Add / Remove flash DLL files
* Restore JPG files to create the original image, whether the image has been damaged or not.
* Picture shrink image to the size of the master image, or if the picture is larger than the image, you can be converted to the same size.
* Create a JPG image from HTML page content (including plain text)
* Create a JPG image based on the background colour of the master image
* Create a JPG image from the current document
* Hide the HTML code in the image.
* Create JPG image from the text of any application
* Web pages without image, add an image to provide a JPG image with the text content.
* Generate a JPG image from the color of the mouse, cursor and keyboard
* Set the image size before creating
* Inverted image
* Transparent image
* Watermark image on the image
* Importation of two images from a document
* Open a file in a JPG image

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