This is a game for old times, the beginning was in Russian forum. Lately reworked in unity engine, text to speech.
Game is free (beer & co.), you just need to donate some resources, if you feel like it. But please, play this game in intended way, don’t spam.

Level design:
Complex levels, you need to evade waves of monsters, complete challenges and kill another faction to complete a level.
One of possible endings of the level depends on NPC’s texts (like if you “nicely” ask him questions about the game or make funny comments on the answers)

Andriy Bembo – Scripting:
Andriy is a kind soul who is willing to work on game with me free of charge.
Andriy is a writer, artist and programmer. If he’s not programming, he’s sketching, if he’s not doing that he’s playing video games or visiting bar and grill with friends. I am very grateful that he worked with me on this project, because it was made possible thanks to his expert knowledge of text-to-speech mechanism and coding on Unity engine.

Andriy Lukyanenko – Modeling:
Andriy is a modeler. He has been in gaming industry for 8 years and is our main contributor in terms of photo-realistic / free-model-using models. He is also a good example of willing to help a game on free of charge. Andriy sent me model of monsters he made, and I always try to make decision whether to take the beast into the game or not.

Jiata Kuznetsova – Text-to-speech:
Jiata has been one of the co-creators of the game together with me. Later she became an artist. She is a kind soul who does everything with love and extreme patience.
And thanks to her willingness to help to grow the game she was able to work on a task which is the most difficult for a free-game developer. She created the “russian voice” for the game.

Arkadiy Rozlitnyy – Multiple fixes:
Arkadiy has been a great help with various tasks I couldn’t solve myself. He is a great tester, always willing to help. He also can fix most of graphic issues I have with Unity, as a developer I’m grateful to him and his willingness to help.



Bitardia Features Key:


Bitardia Crack + X64

-Bitardia Crack is the first game ever based on a portal-based narrative, where you can teleport from one point to another directly. Also, you are being teleported using 8.5 year old technologies, and you are called as “bitard” which is short for “transport idiot”.
-the game itself is much bigger than you would expect, including dozens of optional elements, dozens of quests, factions, and a full-fledged economy.
-the game is playable within 10 hours.


Bitardia With Key [2022-Latest]

Introduction A quagmire of amateurish games, collect-em-up, survival and puzzles. Can be compared to Mojang but very different. Few art and no story. I’ve always considered this to be the worst game series in existence. At least in the West.

In this version, we have ten areas. Some are missions, others are randomly generated events, all of which can be collected. The strategy is to survive. You either loot caravans or kill other player characters. You are at the mercy of what NPC sends you to the island and will be teleported to various locations after being killed or becoming useless. Your money does not improve the chance of landing in the safe area.

The game was made by anonymous and has many code names: Durango and the Devils. It was said to have taken about a year to make, but has been dormant since 2011.

The game has 4 player option:

You can play as the Butcher: a berserker who kills his own characters. He is the most frustrating to play.

The Engineer: who builds structures and plays on a different tab.

The Risk: is the perfect strategy game, when you choose between 2 binary options with the goal to maximise your chances of success.

Sniper. He does nothing.

A game session lasts about 10 minutes and is indicated by a red countdown timer. After each session, you are automatically teleported to the island from a random location. You have no idea of the location. Sometimes you can save.

A standard session contains 4 sections:

The Butcher: A section where you kill the townie and their units.

The Engineer: A section where you build the station and cars.

The Risk: A section where you play one of the two binary options to choose which one is best for your character.

Survival: A section where you have to kill the player who sent you, no matter what.

The Butcher and the Rest

The Butcher: The butcher kills every other player. She is also worth points. Your goal is to kill all the townies in the session before the other players.

The Butcher has a higher score than the other players, and will receive random bonuses:

Kill the player: +100%

Manage to get the entire session killed: +100%

Easy conquest: +30%

Easy Time for killing: +5


What’s new in Bitardia:

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