Canon Imagerunner 1023if Firmware 18

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Canon Imagerunner 1023if Firmware 18

By:Bill0026. Posted:19/03/2007 08:55 I have a canona imageRUNNER 1023if that has OS 2.0 FIRM. I have been trying to upgrade to FIRM 2.4 but cannot find it on the cds. I have found two cds that I downloaded using the update center, but they will not open the program. I also tried to download the cds, but when I click on the download, it says it is used. I could use help on how to upgrade.

Most of the times the firmware upgrade that they provide is not working 100%. It will be much better if you can download the original firmware from canon website and use this software instead of the software provided by canon. This software will help you to perform an in-place upgrade of your firmware. Even if you don’t have an original canon software, you can try the firmware update · Software CD 8.04 FIRM. Then go back to your PC and double click on the icon for file Management, it will download the file to your default download folder. Once you have the iso file, double click on it and it will open the software installer. Follow the instructions, it will complete the upgrade in the process of connecting to the printer.

It was good to see a reply immediately, thank you very much. I did a great deal of research before purchasing this printer and Canon firmware/driver updates was one of the things I looked into. This was the only place I could find working instructions for a 1023IF.

The only problem I had after the firmware upgrade was I couldn’t get my computer to recognize any new drivers that I needed to install. Hopefully, that will be solved after a more in-depth look at all this. I never got a chance to do so before printing. I have to have the updated firmware, or I’m stuck with a printer I can’t print to.

I’ve attached a couple of screen shots for reference, they show the printer status after starting the printer, printing to the network drive and lastly the printer status with the files pulled off the network drive. This problem has occurred every time.

I don’t know if that was a driver issue, or a firmware issue, but the installer never showed itself on my computer. I was pretty sure I installed the correct firmware but it was weird that it wouldn’t work after the firmware upgrade. Since the printer will not recognize

Download iR-1023 firmware.

What is the firmware number for iR-1023 printer/scanner?

I am trying to download the printer firmware for IR 1023 for Windows, Mac and Linux. All I get is a list of firmware files with a large heading at the top that says “Firmware” followed by a legend showing six abbreviations, plus a small thumbnail picture.
The legends are as follows:
0SC1.INF: 1.INF                                                                                                                                                                                                          Â

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