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.Education and Training

Intensive Endorsement in ACTS (Testing and Evaluation – English for Non-native Speakers)

This course is a four-day training course over two summer weekends.

Who is this course for?

Foreign language teachers and educators of foreign language learners

Recruitment, hiring and training of foreign language staff

Teacher training

Course content

The course is scheduled over two summers (one weekend in the Spring and the other in the Autumn).

The course will incorporate a hands-on assessment of the English language skills of the Chinese students, using a range of assessment methods. The particular methods used depend on the needs of the course and the overall aims of the teacher trainer.

The following skills will be practised throughout the course.

Written English


Word choice

Sentence structure




This course is specifically designed to develop your understanding and ability to prepare and teach English to non-native speakers. It provides a dynamic and intensive practical experience and demonstrates the quality of English teaching and learning that is possible.

During the course you will:

gain professional expertise

understand and master key skills required of

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