Prepare yourself for the ultimate Fighting Fantasy Classic experience. Prepare yourself for the ultimate retro-style adventure!
About the gamebook:
Balthus Dire is trapped in a never-ending nightmare of supernatural horrors… With his heart set on achieving the ultimate horror – the ultimate necromancer’s hideous creature – Balthus must pit his wits against the greatest evil his world has ever known.
Unfortunately, the very thing he’s been working towards – the creation of the ultimate evil – has twisted him into a creature of unimaginable horror himself. And the only one with the power to save him is the very thing he’s been working so hard to destroy…
You must fight your way through the nightmare of Balthus Dire’s dreams to uncover the fate of the world before it is too late – and then face him at last…
Key Features:
· Guide your characters through an interactive and immersive journey as they push their Skill, Stamina and Luck to the limit.
· An all-new game engine makes it easy to play Fighting Fantasy gamebooks like they are old-school: no more tedious keyboard-based action!
· Map feature makes it easy to keep track of everywhere you have explored during current and previous playthroughs.
· Unlimited Bookmarks allow you to revisit difficult sections as many times as desired.
· Classic, original artwork from Russ Nicholson, all viewable through a collectable artwork gallery.
· Automated Adventure Sheet that keeps track of your stats, inventory and knowledge gained during your journey.
· Specially composed, atmospheric soundtrack and effects.
· A special version of the gamebook is available for free download, or you can purchase this DLC for a small fee.
· Due to digital rights issues, this gamebook can only be purchased on or after its official release date.
Experience Classic Fighting Fantasy – the popular Fighting Fantasy gamebooks of the 80s and 90s!
· Rival of the Wyrm – an all new, hard-hitting fight against another player.
· A new, all-new game engine for gamebook adventures that makes it easy to play Fighting Fantasy gamebooks like they are old-school – no more tedious keyboard-based action!
· Complete and free!
· Requires Microsoft Word 2003, 2010, 2012 or Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2012 or Apple Pages 6.0, 2010 or Apple Numbers 6.0, 2010 to open and view files.


Citadel Of Chaos (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Features Key:


Citadel Of Chaos (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Crack + X64

What lies within… The Citadel of Chaos is a two-part campaign for Fighting Fantasy Games – the ultimate challenge for the most skilled of fantasy gamers. This devious, diabolical master of the arcane, Balthus Dire, has survived centuries of persecution, through a series of ill-fated love affairs and a great deal of dark magic. And now he has returned to claim his ultimate prize: the power of the Gods themselves. His foul abominations and traps are only the first part of his terrible plan. The second part, you will find only in the hands of the hero – yours. Can you stand against the vicious trapdoors, the ferocious monsters, and the insidious traps and tricks of the magus? Your fighting skills, your stamina and your Luck must be your tools of power, and use them wisely, for there are no second chances. You will be tested to your limits, challenged beyond your experience – and yet, if you are the hero, then victory is certain.Balthus Dire has his own agenda… The evils of Balthus are legendary. He once served as a War Wizard of the Blood Knights, but when his beloved Queen died in childbirth, he renounced his blood magic and broke with the Blood Knights, as well as the very concept of war. Balthus returned to the Vale of Willow, a land of magic and mystery, and there he has lived for many years, plotting his revenge on the gods. He has delved deep into the very soul of the land, and woven a powerful bond with its primal forest gods, Moridun, Raal and Osbald. He has created a macabre, monstrous army of vile demons and foul minions. He has uncovered the secret of the elemental stone, a powerful, primordial stone said to be so old it predates the Gods themselves. And from the rock, he has conjured up an army of monsterous abominations that have been trapped, bound and prepared for his diabolical ends.His plan is… The Citadel of Chaos is Balthus Dire’s ultimate plan for revenge, at the cost of the world. He plans to use the power of the gods to make himself the ultimate magician, to place the power of the elemental stone into his own hands. He craves the power of the Gods themselves, but his fiendish machinations have one hidden weakness: he has no power over the Forest Gods, and the more he rebels against them, the less power they have. Can you discover the flaw


Citadel Of Chaos (Fighting Fantasy Classics) Crack + Free Download

Turn-based combat in which the player takes control of either a cleric or a sorcerer. Two actions per turn for these characters.

Action Points determine how many actions you can take during a turn. Each character has a predetermined number of points available at the start of each game, which they may spend as they wish.

Rerolling: After taking actions, the player may roll the dice to determine the effects of their actions. The player rolls a die and any modifiers (Abrasions, traps, etc.) are applied to the roll. If a ‘success’ is rolled, that action succeeds, otherwise the action fails. If the character has any Reroll Points remaining, the player can reroll these.

You can use a Skill to influence the outcome of an action. Each Skill has a number of ‘skill levels’, which you can increase by training, purchase, or research. Different Skills can have different effects at different skill levels. Each Skill also has a ‘rank’, or points in which you can spend to improve the Skill’s effect.You can also use a Stamina Point to influence the outcome of an action, and you are always allowed one Stamina Point at the beginning of each turn.

Stamina Points are replenished when you are not fighting. Depending on your character’s starting Stamina, you may not be able to take more than a few additional actions in a row before your Stamina is depleted.

When you are under attack, you have one Stamina Point at your disposal, and you may use it to guard your character against damage for that action.

When a character takes damage, they may choose to use one of their Stamina Points to use a Skill or to rest. Skills allow you to use some of your Stamina Points without using an action, and so you may use Stamina Points to aid in defending yourself. If a character takes damage while resting, they lose a Stamina Point.

You have a limited amount of Stamina Points available for each round of combat.

1 action Points per action Action Points 6


Rerolling Points:

When you reroll, you can allocate a number of reroll points to each of your characters. If you allocate all your reroll points to one character, the other characters will not be able to reroll their dice. Any dice they roll will be rerolled as normal.If you allocate all your reroll points to the character that had the most success with their


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