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Does it Matter That I use PVC or ABS?

I don’t have a lot of experience with plastic, so I’m not sure what to get.
The PVC and the ABS I can get to both cut as easily as a pair of scissors.
I also really like the look of the ABS (and the blue color is very easy to read) better then the black PVC.
The PVC is three bucks cheaper as it is in all of the store nearby (out of stock everywhere else), but the ABS I can get for a dollar cheaper so I figured I’d ask…
I’ve heard it’s good to use the same type of plastic in multiple things so it’s kind of a mixed bag, and if I’m not using it for a water proofing seal then what’s the difference?


In general, I would ask, for your purpose: Is it more important that it be easy to cut, color-wise, that you will know in a year that it won’t de-color?
If it is more important the first then you should go with the ABS.
If the second, the PVC.
If neither, neither.
There is also, to a significant extent, the consumer expectation. If you’re looking to buy plastic, and the brand “PVC” or “ABS” is a small part of the brand, then you will by default assume the manufacture has a fair amount of experience on making them. If you know that the person behind it’s not a professional manufacturer, you need to be very careful and verify. If you want to buy “real” manufactured plastic, you need to verify that it is manufactured specifically for you. You could also ask your supplier what plastic they use.


Theres at least one clear benefit to going with ABS.
While it is not usually a problem for non-technical users

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