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This is your ticket to a successful career as a bus driver. You will be expected to make the right decisions concerning maintenance, driving practices, and other important issues, which will lead your bus to the desired destination.
In OMSI2, you will be able to face the challenges of the bus driver job on your own. Whether you begin your professional career with your own company or with one of the many available candidates, you will soon be awarded for your fantastic driving skills.
As you gain experience and develop your strengths in your profession, you will be able to hire the right staff, obtain the best vehicles and pass the highest training classes. You will always be able to choose the best route and meet the most challenging customers, which will be your main motivation. It is up to you to invest the funds that your business needs in order to develop itself further.
The OMSI2 simulation offers you a complete overview of every aspect of a successful bus company. Although you will find yourself busy with your day-to-day tasks, everything will be at your disposal if you need it. You will be able to check everything at any time.
In the 3D depot, you will be in charge of all repair and maintenance work. You can order everything you need from the list of services and you will be able to create your own service packages. You can save time by mixing selected service packages, so you can create a perfect service package for your bus. Here, you can also replace damaged components.
Along with all other factors, you can find out how many profit the company made and what its rankings are on the top lists. OMSI2 also offers a range of career options which you can gain experience with.

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Best Bus Drive Ever


By Richten

Great all around game. Realistic, but still beautiful and charming, nothing too much in the way of what’s so familiar in other games which end up being very repetitive. There are new things that are fun like earning money, though it took awhile to get my attention.

What Could Be Improved

There isn’t much to be improved.

Playing the game is great and playing with friends is even better. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of a proper mode of live, asynchronous, multiplayer where you can drive two buses at the same time.

Top game ever



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