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I was used to being cut off, but I could see that she had gotten under his skin with the way she was going on, and not only that, but she was getting me to laugh at him. I stopped the CMR, maneuvered to turn into the lane I’d been in when the kid had passed me, and got back up to speed. But I didn’t like this new feeling. I wanted to know more, and I felt there was a good chance I’d get the information this way.
I’d just had the best damn day of my life, and I was determined to enjoy myself tonight. I had actually laughed more today than I had in years, and I was determined to keep it up. I lit another cigarette, inhaled deeply, and felt the smoke cleanse my lungs. She really wasn’t into him, but he was very hot, and I decided to play along with her rather than take any chances. I wasn’t wearing a bra under my shirt, and it was getting really warm. He pulled into a parking space, grinned wickedly at me, and moved behind the wheel. “Are you planning on coming in, or are you going to stay right there?” He walked around the car to open my door.
We were in the taxicab, and there was no one on the street, so it seemed like a safe enough distance to walk. I couldn’t see her, but I sure knew exactly where she was, and I smiled to myself as I realized that I’d probably get a hell of a lot more out of this than I would of when they’d had the car between them. And if she was going to try anything, it was going to be this time, not one of the earlier times.
“Hell, I’m not going to come in here. All this town needs is a sniper on the rooftop. But if you want to come in, by all means, go ahead.” He removed his jacket as he spoke. He had the shirt off now, and the soft light showed off his incredible physique, and I smiled. “I’d love to come in.” I said as I shrugged out of my jacket, and put it over the headrest behind the seat. I stripped off my shirt, and laid it on the seat beside me.
“You sure? I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.”
I’d never had a man make a statement like that before, and it made me realize how big a turn on he

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