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Couth Mc 2000 Manual

hello: can anyone tell me what is the difference between the 28-105 and the 28-400? i have the pentax k mount version of the 28-200, but i want to buy the 400 version. the price is the same, just that the body is different?

i was reading all the other posts and i like the 18-55 kit lens. but i was thinking about a kit with a nikkor 28mm f/2.8 af-d and 24-70mm f/2.8 af-d. does this combination seem doable with a canon system?

merck i.m.s. is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company. we formulate and market generic and branded pharmaceutical products in more than 140 countries worldwide, with the number of our employees approximately 27 thousand, and annual sales of more than $21 billion.

i apologize for the length of this request, but im a stickler for details.
i purchased this lens from b&h with the following specs:
element: 28-200mm f/2.8-4
filter size: 72mm
n.b: i figured it might be a little difficult finding a filter that fit the filter size. and i won’t be able to use the low and high ends of the f/2.8-4 range. i have the 24-70mm f/2.8 ii, so i would just need the f/2.8 range.
mount: camera mount vf-2
weight: 944.0g (without lens cap)
length: 1.69 

for anyone trying to decide between the 7a and the ultron, after 11 years the 7a is clearly superior. i owned the ultron for 7 years before selling it because of a combination of the flimsy construction, unreliable focus, and poor workmanship. the ultron’s construction is completely different and the optical design is light years ahead of the ultron’s aberration correction performance. after a couple of 15 year old (still operational) lenses in it, i’d say it would withstand being dropped from the top of the chrysler building without suffering even a scratch. if i were judging the ultron lens on the same criteria as the 7a, the ultron would be a $16,000 lens. of course, the ultron also costs many times that. after all, it’s an optical tour de force.

guaranteeing the highest accuracy and precision by fusing three cutting couth laser heads with master control wheels and a feedback system, this high-speed marking system can give parts up to a maximum speed of 3800 mm/min and a workpiece width of 280 mm.
whether using the couth laser 2d marking or 3d couth laser pro marking, the flatness of the workpiece is monitored by the perfectly zeroing marking head that can handle a massive maximum workpiece weight of 80 kg and reach a up to 32,000 mm working width.
a new generation of marking head with 3d laser marking technology. a surface height difference of up to 120mm can be used, and the marking head can flexibly reach the height compensation. in-situ aluminum coating technology can help maintain the original appearance of the marked parts. top quality materials and components, as well as highly intuitive, ergonomic design, and environmentally friendly production are the trademark of the couth universe.
with a laser marking head of only 12.5 mm in diameter and a working width of 250 mm, making parts for aerospace and medical industry is possible. plus, the couth smart box controller takes care of all the mechanics and interfacing, ensuring the highest stability and utmost accuracy and precision. this controller is suitable for applications that need the highest accuracy and precision

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