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.. 6.376* . model of understanding emotion.

[^4]: The notion of generalization is not universal; the validity of generalizations is problematic for too many types of data. For example, linear statistics, non-linear statistics, binomial and Poisson statistics are acceptable for large sample sizes but quite inadequate for small sample sizes (Box [1](#box1){ref-type=”boxed-text”}).

[^5]: By no means is this an exhaustive list: more detailed discussions can be found in many other texts (e.g., Downing, [@B37]; Gross, [@B55]; Riley, [@B81]).

[^6]: Often statistics is used to determine a central tendency (Hobbs, [@B60]) while significance testing is used to determine if a central tendency or a certain range of data represents a “solution” to a problem (Herrnstein and Murray, [@B58]).

[^7]: Statistics can be used to estimate the complexity of a problem as well (Kelemen and Gross, [@B73]; Gutwin and Shelton, [@B56]; Bousios and Papakonstantinou, [@B17]; Leech and Stentiford, [@B79]).

[^8]: Other methods and techniques include use of control charts (e.g., control charts), decision making and sorting with cards, use of different analog scales and/or scales to assess components of emotion, and use of flowcharts to illustrate data (Johnstone, [@B67]).

[^9]: Indeed, care must be taken to ensure that statistical analyses are not done in an *a priori* manner, but are done in a way that allows the investigators to determine which factors in a situation influence an effect. This is often done by correlating variables to determine the statistical significance of each variable (i.e., if A correlates with B, is this any different than if C correlates with B).

[^10]: Yes! Invert the scale if you must but try to avoid using “more than” and “less than.”

[^11]: Difficulty with valence can be determined from individual differences, and questionnaires have been developed to assess temperament (e.g., Samter’s Cattell Scale, Cloninger’s TPQ).


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And by the way, there is no such thing as a good slow. If that is attractive, if it’s nice, if it’s calming, one of your acts is there.

“Leading with slow” is a reduction of meaning. It has now been overused, and I hate that.

And why would we want this?

As a language, we like meaningful things.

What would you have done in drama school if your goal was to earn points for meanness? What if your goal was to earn points for empathy? By leading with meaning, we might have gone down this path.

It’s like, when we talk about poetry, we all complain about the lack of meaning. But if you talk about “the poet’s life”, they’re all about meaning.

So who and what do we want?

What we want is straightforward. We want what is quick.

We want to

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