Might is Right is a strategy game where you take control of a squad of 6 characters. Each of the characters has a unique, individual talent tree with a multitude of options. They all have different abilities, so each of them can turn into a specialist, making combat much more tactical. Every time you play, the characters are different and changes in the gameplay are much faster than in other strategy titles. You can control your hero or leave him to the fate of the other mercenaries. And you can run away from danger at any moment, without being punished.


The world of Might is Right is a real 3D world with randomly-generated landscapes, an open world of several thousand kilometers. Besides that, you will be able to discover or create different settlements where you will be able to recruit new characters and complete quests. The game allows you to freely move around the world. You can speed up, slow down or turn around in any direction, and your heroes will automatically follow you.


You will also meet a multitude of characters who can be recruited into your squad. They will offer you a lot of useful and entertaining information. You can teach your heroes and mercenaries new tricks, and you can exchange even more information and skills. Moreover, your heroes will be pleased to know that they have allies they can call on in a pinch.


Another thing you will be able to do in Might is Right is to infect enemies, so they will no longer be able to move on the map.


Might is Right has 8 unique characters with over 180 individual talents that are able to affect combat in both a positive and a negative way. Each character has their own spell books, skills and equipment items.


You will be able to choose from a variety of equipment sets that include unique items, consumables and permanent upgrades. Each equipment set will provide different bonuses for particular units. When you are forced to make difficult decisions, you can always take into account equipment sets with bonuses that allow you to get back on your feet.

Might is Right WILL PUNISH YOU

When playing Might is Right, it’s better to be careful and play it safe. You will always know what


Features Key:

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