Data Structures And Algorithms By G.a.v Pai Free 35

1. Seymour Lipschutz: (Schaum Sketch Series) Theory and Problems of Data Structures, adapted by: G.A.V.Pai, Tata McGraw-Hill, adapted edition for India – 2006 € 8.68
2. B. J.
Cope: (Schaum Sketch Series) Relativistic Theory, India Adapted Edition – 2011 €18.19
3. D. E. P. Bhatnagar, L. K. G. R. Thakur, A. V. M. Desai: (Schaum Sketch Series) Fundamentals of Systems Theory and Complexity, Adapted Edition for India – 2011 €20, 94
4. K. R. Mallapur: (Schaum Sketch Series) Introduction to Statistics and Information Theory, adapted edition for India – 2012 €24.61
5. G.-K. V. Paral, M. T. Ramakrishnan: (Schaum Sketch Series)


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