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Is there any reason why you must do every move according to the tactical chart? Is there any advantage for doing so or is it just a habit? I’m trying to understand what’s the point of doing this in your game. Thank you.


While I agree that there’s no rules against it, the knowledge of why it’s done is not necessary.
Look at this line:

[FEN “”]
1. e4 c5

That’s about as “normal” as it gets. But imagine you have a lien mate for white, which you know is coming in a5. Now the next move can be anything, because White has no idea what Black is going to do.
Now you could run around saying “no, no, no, no, that’s not nice, you’re supposed to do….”, and then in the next move the lien mate appears.
But if you follow the chart, it’s like this:

[FEN “”]
1. e4 c5

You might miss that your opponent will play…a6, which makes your lien mate even easier. So, the tactical chart is just to explain the bad moves that your opponent is thinking, and to help you find good moves.
Also, the tactical chart may not be applicable to every game. For example, this variant is considered more useful in a position with minor piece activity, the big pieces do not exchange rapidly, and the “two rooks on the b-file” point is still active.
And even in “normal” moves, you can read several variations around it, so you don’t need to memorise the entire chart.
I found this and this blog post. I think the basic idea was to create a chart that has the “normal” moves, and in addition some moves that are crucial for the white player but may not be part of “common” openings.

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