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Use abstract class instead of concrete class

My application is doing the following:
public abstract class A{
public List getBList() {…}
public C getCList() {…}
public void setBList(List b) {…}
public void setCList(C c) {…}

I’m getting “Can not perform this operation in a parallel thread because the connection for the message is in a deadlock state.” error.
But if I use concrete class like:
public class B extends A{
public List getCList() {…}
public void setCList(C c) {…}

I don’t get any error.
Why is that? Is that because of the new keyword used when extending a class?


I don’t get any error.

Not necessarily. Your setters are not synchronized; you could end up calling getCList and setCList on different threads.


How to bind observable to a JS object property when it is not an object type

I have the following observable:
this.users = [
username: ‘foo’,
age: 20,
comments: 1
username: ‘bar’,
age: 30,
comments: 2

I would like to change the username property on an event, such as:


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