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One of the most critically acclaimed Punjabi movies, Dharti has it all – superb acting, powerful writing, mesmerizing cinematography, and superlative music. There.Dharti Film Download Dharti is a 2010 Indian Punjabi-dubbed romantic comedy film directed by Amandeep Sanga and starring Gulzar and Amrinder Gill. It was the last Punjabi film of Amrinder Gill before his death in 2013. The movie revolves around an Indian groom who leaves his family for.
Uploaded by Minnie neu on 2 March 2017 dharti free download. dharti punjabi movie download. Dharti is a 2010 Indian Punjabi-dubbed romantic comedy film directed by Amandeep Sanga and starring Gulzar and Amrinder Gill. It was the last Punjabi film of Amrinder Gill before his death in 2013. The movie revolves.

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