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Discografia Ls Jack

jack and meg had a tumultuous relationship, and the songs on the white stripes debut reflect their troubled times. get behind me satan feels like a breakup album, with the two of them trying to put a good distance between them. the songs are dominated by meg, whose voice is at its strongest and most unapologetic on the album. jacks vocals are mostly relegated to guest spots on the album, but theyre still a standout. the white stripes debut is a polarizing album, but its the best place to start the stripes. i had a hard time getting into albums since, but i still have a soft spot for the debut, and i still see the record as their best. it was the album where the stripes really hit their stride and found their sound, and it still stands up to today.

jack and megs subsequent albums, elephant and the icky thump, lacked the emotional punch of their debut, but theyve continued to demonstrate a strong sense of songwriting and a love of experimentation. but both albums were more of a personal journey than their debut, and as the albums progressed, the songs became more sincere and less abrasive. the icky thump is an album that starts with a bang, as jack and meg finally have the confidence to indulge their wicked sense of humor, which gives the album a playful, energetic character. jack and megs collaborative writing is apparent on the album, as meg provides the vocals and jack provides the guitar and backup vocals. st. cecillias blues, a ferocious, half-time romp, is a great example of how they can pull off any kind of feel. the lyrics, in particular, are a refreshing change from their earlier, more introspective songs.

a podcast recorded in the living room of the home of raconteurs band frontman jack white and his wife karen elson in nashville tn. in this podcast, we talk about what the world is like today, where we were born and raised, and how we found ourselves and each other in this world.we talk about the bands band a time we were both in, the many ways in which we have changed over the years, and how we can still be that same person today.we talk about working with jack over the years, and what its like to be married to him.we also talk about why we created a podcast in the first place, and why we felt it was the right medium to convey this story to the world.if you are a fan of jack white and his band, and want to hear more from us about him, his music, his band, and his story, check out the live show we did a few years back in la, and if you enjoy the podcast, please rate, subscribe, and share it. thanks for listening!
by the time lazaretto arrived, the white stripes were well into their routine of touring the world, constantly basking in the glow of their growing fame. the music itself, however, seemed to be a step backwards; after a riveting set of songs on a texas festival the band was touring the first time, they returned to a bleak dourness that was both bizarre and uninspired. while this might not have been their worst record, it was certainly their most forgettable. but after two more albums of strange and brilliant variations on the blues, lazaretto began to feel like a turning point, with the long-awaited return of the white stripes. with the addition of jacks vocals, and the dulcet tones of backing vocalist karen elson, lazaretto is a bracing return to form, a return that was well worth the wait.


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