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Do Dooni Chaar (2010) – IMDbThe movie “Do Dooni Chaar” is about a middle-class family in India who, to buy a new car, decide to get it repaired in a workshop in a small town..Gavin Brown, the Clare County Sheriff and a Republican candidate for Congress, met with constituents yesterday at Western Darke High School and gained support for his proposed congressional positions regarding the Sheriff/DA office merger, the Patriot Act, and drug policy.

“I believe my stance on the Sheriff/DA merger and the Patriot Act is the right way to go,” Brown said. “This is why I’m a Republican.”

Brown said he has been advocating the repeal of the Patriot Act since its inception. He characterized it as an attack on American’s civil rights and rights under the law.

“Most of my constituents care about crime prevention,” said Brown, “and what we should do about it.”

Brown said Sheriff/DA office consolidation “is all about that.”

“I will fight for the 2nd Amendment and what it means to be an American,” Brown said.

About the Patriot Act, Brown said, “I think it is unconstitutional and needs to be repealed.” He said he wants to “slow down, figure out what happened there and get it back on track.”

Brown opposes the federal government’s current war on drugs. He advocates drug education, counseling and rehabilitation. He wants better distribution of drugs and providing better services to people in transition from using drugs.

In terms of the war on terror, Brown said he is in favor of closing terrorist training camps abroad.

“I feel safer now, with us getting back in touch with our allies,” said Brown, “and getting military help, from places like Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Brown said he feels that President Bush has the right to use military force if he feels it is necessary. “I have support from military people,” he said, “and other people.”

Regarding the war in Iraq, Brown said, “I’m for withdrawal.”

Regarding Afghanistan, he said, “How much longer do we need to be there? It seems the war has always been in the news,” and

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“A middle class father in India struggles through a series of unexpected events for upholding respect and smiles.” IMDb: 8.3. Do Dooni Chaar: All Rights Reserved. –²Ÿ²Þ¸Ÿ²Þ²ÞŸ²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ”²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þš²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þš²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ˜²Þ›œ²Ã�

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