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Name Dwarfs – F2P Base Defend Pack
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.52 / 5 ( 6368 votes )
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Dwarfs!? is a free game where Dwarfs grow up and create all the levels, towers and mazes!
This Base Defend Pack is the Dwarfish take on a basic idea of Tower Defense. It means you are given a grid of ‘Elements’, which may be Towers, Gates, Beams, Bridges, etc… and you are told how many enemies to throw at your Tower Defense grid. It’s your job to decide where to place your Towers and/or your Dwarfs, and then to construct Towers to block and destroy the incoming minions.
The minions are Monsters – they’re always on a mission to get to your Tower Defense grid. Your towers, even at the littlest, can help to destroy them. There are different types of minions – for each type, you’ll want to make sure you put Towers in the right place!
Your Home Base is a real challenge – how can you fight a horde of monsters on your own?
The game is completely FREE! It will never cost you a single penny. It is based on the pay what you want model, and it is always free.
If you enjoyed the free game, then perhaps you’d like to buy the expansion packs of Dwarfs!?. They are also all completely FREE.
You can buy the entire game with NO EXCEPTIONS for any amount you wish!
There are currently only four expansion packs.
Dwarfs!? Base Defend Pack: FREE
Dwarfs!? Raiders and Pirates Pack: AVAILABLE for £0.89 on Steam and other digital platforms!
Dwarfs!? Towers Pack: AVAILABLE for £0.89 on Steam and other digital platforms!
Dwarfs!? Special Forces Pack: AVAILABLE for £0.89 on Steam and other digital platforms!
Dwarfs!? Global Attack Pack: AVAILABLE for £0.89 on Steam and other digital platforms!


“You play as a Dwarfs!? cube, a squishy little creature with a big pile of balls and a shaggy beard. A level designer!”

Dwarfs!? is a free 2D tower defense game. Each level is a maze made from Towers, Gates, Beams, Bridges and the Dwarf!. You have the option of choosing what types of enemies spawn at the four different spawn points. When the creatures attack, you can then either let them travel through your maze, or place Towers to stop them


Additional Information

Name Dwarfs – F2P Base Defend Pack
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.52 / 5 ( 6368 votes )
Update (9 days ago)


Features Key:

How to get PvM Gold

Guide to get PvM Gold in F2P:
Click on the plus sign beside the “Buy” button.


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Dwarfs – F2P Base Defend Pack Crack Download PC/Windows

Dwarf’s!? are an ex-military unit who were transformed into Dwarfs!? to fight against invading Robots!? Though they take the form of Dwarfs, they are still a very useful and fearsome force on the battlefield. But they lack the battle expertise and technology that the humans have at their disposal. They can be transformed into various forms to enable them to utilise their best features. Use them with your allies to wage war against enemies that invade the world.
For Your Team / Or Your Game:
You can choose your team and play alone, or even invite some friends. Each team member can specialize in any one of the four craft skills to make things tougher for enemies. Use this pack to enjoy the best tower defense game played in the Dwarf world!
Tower Defense Pack:
Get ready for another challenge. You are training new recruits for war and these clumsy fellows are about to take to the battlefield. Help them survive while engaging the enemy in a bloody battle! The enemy is much smarter than you and will systematically zero in on your main base. Plant powerful towers to protect them, but watch out for the mines and traps that they’ll set up around the base. Watch out for the ultra-powerful sword that they’ll throw at you as well. Stay alert. They might just send a horde of elite troops to destroy you.
For Your Team / Or Your Game:
You can choose your team and play alone, or even invite some friends. Each team member can specialize in any one of the four craft skills to make things tougher for enemies. Use this pack to enjoy the best tower defense game played in the Dwarf world!
About The Game:
The Dwarfs attack! You will be their savior and must protect your enemy-free fortress from the invading hordes of the enemy. However, you are not alone in the fort. There are many allies to help you in your fight for survival. They have brave hearts and stout backs to stand by you. They work very hard to protect the fortress. Help them as they fight against the dangers all around. You will need your resources to protect your fortress. Your resources include blocks, gems, dust, and ore. Together, this group of allies can fend of thousands of terrifying enemies together. The enemies are very determined in their plan to overrun the fortress. They are well equipped with powerful weaponry and strategy to overcome all obstacles in their way. They will try anything and everything to topple your fortress. To prevent them from taking over the fortress, make sure you have


Dwarfs – F2P Base Defend Pack Crack + Download

Defend the Base
Defend your Dungeon
As you get more and more Enemies
Build a Maze (Not Always First)
Avoid the Flood
Do Timed Events like Wave Limit, Timer Limit, etc
Play As a Team
Hire Fighters (Must Pay)
Variety of Towers
Hire Guards (Must Pay)
Build Towers
Build Ladder
If you have any additional questions, feel free to post in the thread.For the next few days there will be a sale for this game – so GET IT! And the price will be halved. So you’ll get 45 Days to Quit for what was paid for it!!_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Q: What is this game about? A: You are defending a Base. Your Base has a maze around it. Others will try to attack your Base, but you will have to construct a maze to help you.

Q: Can I get this for free? A: No – the ‘Core’ game is free to get.

Q: Will I be able to play with my friends? A: Yes – you can play with your friends, no matter what platforms they are on.

Q: What platforms is this game for? A: Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, iOS and Android.

Q: Can I play on a phone or tablet? A: No – this game requires a mouse and keyboard.

Q: Does this game have online multiplayer? A: Yes – if the game can use online multiplayer, it should say so. You can also play with your friends on the same platform.

Q: Can I play a story campaign? A: Yes – the game has a story campaign.

Q: When does the expansion pack or DLC come out? A: You can buy the add-ons any time.

Q: How much time will the game take? A: It all depends on your skills. The game only limits you in terms of maze creation, tower building and wave-attack time limits.

Q: How fast does the game move? A: There is no time limit, but you may not want to make the maze too wide because of the obstacles!

Q: What is the price for the first expansion pack? A: $0.99.

Q: What do the add-ons include? A: The 7-Day Timer, 8-Day Timer, and the ability


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Free Dwarfs – F2P Base Defend Pack Crack + License Key Full [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)


How To Crack:

  • First time use of the software.

  • Version0.04

    • First release for new windows os XP.

    Bugs fix:

    • Fixed some bugs in game cause by old version of game

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    System Requirements For Dwarfs – F2P Base Defend Pack:

    Windows 7/8/8.1/10: 64-bit
    1.50GHz or faster processor
    2GB of RAM
    512MB of GPU RAM
    35MB of hard drive space
    DirectX 11 compatible video card with 128MB of graphics memory
    DirectX compatible sound card
    If you have any of the pre-requisite requirements, you can play Chaos Saga and enjoy a great game with a simple, easy to use interface.



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