Fake Marriage Certificate Free

note: if you have a fake wedding date on your visa application (which is good since your not married) and your sponsored by a marriage fraud organization (which is a bad thing), do not forget to mention this in your application.

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how to make a fake marriage certificate

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this baby girl birth certificate is a must for any modern nursery. it features a simple and modern design in dark blue typethat contrasts well with other prints in other colors.attached to a simple, elegant scroll design with a unique color scheme, it makes an easy birth certificate to share with family and friends.

this baby boy birth certificate features easy-to-read, bold black text printed on a contemporary blue background.this gem instantly makes parents excited to share that you are a new parent. youll also receive a free add envelope – padded envelope free for a total value of just $0.26!

your completed application for a fake marriage certificate document will be emailed to you immediately. simply print it out and write the date it was created, sign it and send it back to the seller. we will forward it to the seller to verify your information.

you can customize your fake wedding certificate by printing out photos of the baby, parents, family, friends, and other people you need to be on the certificate. you can add your social media handles and other information, such as a date or the name of the hospital where the baby was born.
this made-for-tiktok certificate is a perfect keepsake for parents, family and friends to treasure. a red seal on the corner and a scroll adorn the corners of this crisp white document with baby birth information printed in clean black text.
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step 1. find a pdf of a wedding certificate that has all the information about the parties involved. you can get these from websites that do weddings like a wedding dress boutique or wedding clothing store. search the web for those words. step 2. choose a template that has a plain background for your fake marriage certificate. make sure to include the wedding date as well.
step 3. sign into a free website called canva and print out your fake marriage certificate. just paste in the information you copied from your wedding certificate and add a couple of photos of yourself (your face and your partner’s face on a background of your choice)
step 4. backtrack to your fake marriage website where you will be required to add your free fake marriage certificate into your registry.step 5. print the registry. then mail or deliver it to your immigration lawyer and tell your lawyer to fill out the application using your fake marriage certificate.


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