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. FIFA 16.Over the years, through the constant education process, I had a deep appreciation for management and leadership roles in life. The majority of the time, I was a manager. I enjoyed my work and loved interacting with the people I was working with. I had a passion for the dynamics of building strong teams and leading people to achieve their best. I had an innate ability to bring out the most in others. I enjoyed discussing problems, questions, and ideas in a creative and helpful way and encouraging others to start their own conversations.

As I became more experienced at the management level, I had the privilege to lead many different teams in varying areas of growth, change, and scaling. Having the responsibility of guiding others was rewarding, but I had the burden of knowing that sometimes I wasn’t always completely aligned with their decisions or ideas. When it wasn’t a pure fit, it was at the very least frustrating. Although I was invested and passionate about the topic, being completely aligned was sometimes the bigger challenge. I had to learn to let go, let others lead, and allow them to bring their best to the table.

One of the first things I learned was that alignment was only present if you were fully committed and committed yourself. In my mind, alignment was an alignment of all parts, but in the complex interplay of a multi-dimensional team, it was much easier to fall out of alignment with a single part. I learned it was much more difficult to align with others when I myself was far from the right path. And it takes much time, energy, and patience to create a solid foundation of alignment.

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As I become a leader in our next phase of growth, I’ve had to learn how to balance my role as an individual with how to lead a team. I want the team to grow individually and collectively, but I’m realizing I’m not great at this either. The importance of the self is being lost by not developing the leader

The present invention relates to a method of polishing substrates by chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and apparatus therefor.
In recent years, semiconductor devices must be increasingly micropatterned as the density of the devices increases. Hence, as the devices become finer, scratches, pits and impurities on the surface of a wafer become a problem. To solve this problem, after a wafer has been polished by CMP, the CMP surface is polished by a method referred to as post-CMP polish. The post-CMP polish includes polishing using a polishing pad having a hardness higher than that of the CMP surface, and polishing using a polishing pad having a similar hardness as that of the CMP surface. The use of the former polishing pad has the problem of degradation of the pad or a complicated apparatus. The latter method is complicated and expensive.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a CMP method capable of smoothing a wafer surface of a desired degree and an apparatus therefor, in which a wafer can be polished with a polishing pad, which is inexpensive and capable of preventing contamination of a polishing pad and the wafer surface with substances such as silica particles, etc., which accumulate on the polishing pad during CMP, without adding any special additional steps for smoothing a wafer surface during post-CMP polish.
According to a method of polishing a substrate according to the present invention, the substrate is polished by chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) using a polishing pad having substantially the same hardness as that of a polishing surface of the substrate. The polishing pad is separated from the substrate after completion of CMP. The substrate is separated from the polishing pad by pushing down the polishing pad with a pushing means to move the substrate toward a holding means.
According to the CMP method of the present invention, the polishing pad is separated from the substrate after completion of CMP. Further, in the CMP method, the substrate is separated from the polishing pad by pushing down the polishing pad with the pushing means. Hence, when separating the substrate from the polishing pad, the pushing means and the substrate can be locked by the holding means. Hence, it is not necessary to add any additional step for separating the substrate from the polishing pad after completion of CMP. Accordingly, contamination of the polishing pad and the wafer surface with substances such as silica

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