FIFA 22 adds new ball physics, which give players a greater control and feel of the ball and reduces the need to adjust your shooting angle when attempting to shoot. For goalkeepers, FIFA 22 introduces an improved artificial intelligence, which will help them make better decisions on when to dive and when not to dive. Using the ball physics and the player AI, FIFA 22 presents a new goalkeeping system, which gives goalkeepers a smarter approach when managing the game.

All major improvements in AI and ball physics make FIFA 22 a true masterpiece of game development.

FIFA 22 is official and will be released on February 28, 2019.

“We are excited to bring the FIFA community back home to the PC and enhance the gameplay by adding innovative features and giving players the most detailed football experience.

The following three content packs – Covert Ops, Pro Clubs and International Friendly 2018 World Cup – will be available for purchase when FIFA 22 is released: Covert Ops – 24 new playable characters based on real-life international spies and tactical specialists who help major organizations from around the world to tackle their own unique problems. The Covert Ops content pack includes characters and stories from:

– Nine stories have been written specifically for the Covert Ops content pack, including three new singles, in which you play as:

– Alex Wilde as part of Team America in Stealth Fortress

– Emma Harker as part of Team England in Double Cross

– James Bond as part of Agents 007 in Sharper Shade

– Two new downloadable characters and two playable mode specifically designed for the Covert Ops content pack. Pro Clubs – Add a new dimension to the game, with a list of over 16,000 professionally-trained players and more than 2,500 international clubs from every corner of the world. Pro Clubs content pack will include:

– 24 new playable characters based on real-life FIFA players from around the world. The Pro Clubs content pack includes characters and stories from:

– 44 new player modes, including:

– Reserve League: a realistic and intuitive league management system with seasons, cups and championships. Manage a reserve team in a precise, organized way, by selecting players according to the season’s needs, each season equalling one year of real-life football. World Cup 2018 – The new playable character modes of the Covert Ops content pack, this


Fifa 22 Features Key:


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A new, authentic franchise season

A new, authentic franchise season Plays like the real deal and fans can experience true club dynamics including new features like Ultimate Team, real-world transfers, improved player likeness, enhanced stadiums and updates to the Away Walkthroughs

Real-world team and player dynamics

Real-world team and player dynamics New franchise features, including the new Premier League, Includes clubs such as Manchester United and Bayern Munich for the first time

The Pass

Changes to the way the ball is played, influenced by real-world movements and based on years of FIFA research and input from players

Changes to the way the ball is played, influenced by real-world movements and based on years of FIFA research and input from players Improved ball physics which means players will feel more comfortable in possession, able to pass the ball more accurately and control the direction of the ball better

More creative and dynamic free kicks, as well as more unpredictable crosses and dummy runs

Granit Xhaka of Borussia Mönchengladbach, author of this term and a defender

New elements provide completely new challenges for defenders and better freedom for forwards to start their runs

Improved AI, tactics and team balance

Improved AI, tactics and team balance New AI routines that adapt to the player and position of the attacker

New routines that adapt to the player and position of the attacker New Roles for the players, created by fans, bring new surprises with every use

A packed schedule of Premier League, Champions League and Europa League fixtures

Digital editions of FIFA and the FIFA Companion App

Read the full set of release notes from the FIFA Season Ticket holders and ask any question you may have in our new FIFA forums! Read More

Now in the console universe

All the action in the console universe – Play on the same FIFA experience that PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC players have enjoyed in the FIFA series.

Cross-play online multiplayer now fully featured

Cross-play online multiplayer now fully featured Play against other single-player players or, even better, others all playing


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For the first time ever, experience the thrill of earning and trading players on your journey to glory. Build the Ultimate Team that you’ve always wanted. Recruit your dream team from over 40 real world leagues and competitions and take your squad to the next level as you climb from the bottom rung to the very top.

Praise for FIFA Street 2
“Supercharged with focus and exhilarating fun, FIFA Street 2 delivers an exhilarating new experience for the series with the slickest control and features to date.”


“FIFA Street 2 delivers a more realistic, arcadey football experience than the original was capable of.”

– Official Xbox Magazine

“With terrific gameplay, exceptional touch polish and creative new features, the game is a must-have for your Xbox.”


“FIFA Street 2 is nothing short of a success. With better movement physics, an improved running mechanic and the best licensed players available, it improves in every respect on the original FIFA Street. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

– GameZone

Rivals – Control your own team and challenge other players to face off against you in multiplayer. With two new modes, Team Battle and Online Proving Grounds, your rivalries will fuel your desire to dominate the online soccer scene.

Enhanced Movement – A new gameplay system combined with new collision detection and control allows for greater ball control, making each and every action on the pitch more authentic and fluid.

New Broadcast Plays – Be among the first to catch your favorite broadcast plays from over 50 exclusive commentating teams, including Matchday Live and Goalie Cam as well as all FIFA World Cup™, UEFA Champions League™ and UEFA Europa League™ matches.

Licensed Team Announcements – Customize your own team with the best players in the world. You can also go online and compete with your friends or rivals to climb the leaderboard.

Sports Contracts – Protect your players, control your club, and negotiate contracts with the world’s best club athletes.

• New league and broadcast licenses plus new commentator teams for 2012• New broadcast features including Matchday Live and Goalie Cam• New commentary team with over 50 new commentating voices, including new commentary teams for the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA World Cup™, and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ for the first time• New player animations


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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