Fire Pro Wrestling World Save Files

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Fire Pro Wrestling World Save Files

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spike chunsoft has released a new paid dlc download that adds incredibly deep and complex customisation options to sandbox wrestling title fire pro wrestling world.

the parts craft dlc package is a developer-level sprite designer that will allow creators to creator custom wrestlers from the ground up. while fpw already has an excellent character creator, parts craft will let players deep dive into the creation process on an almost pixel-by-pixel level, making faces, clothing, entrance attire, and body parts with scalpel-like precision.

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if you are interested in the lore of fire pro wrestling world and are willing to dive deep into the universe of the game, then youll be pleasantly surprised to find that the fire pro wrestling world wikia has everything from weapon creation to wrestler creation to maps, everything you need. its an amazing resource, and it has been a life-saver for me many times.
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