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Let’s Get Started! fonts that doesn’t support used in pdf. 1.Shree-Lipi, 3.Roboto Slab. 5.OFFICIAL HIMALAYAN_RTR. 6.JOE’S LOCKED. 7.Carrington.

In the following list, you can find the same characters you can use in font .

Main characters:
Short Print Exclusion:
Special Full Guide:

See also

List of typefaces
Slab serif
Rationale of typeface design
Unicode typefaces


Further reading

David Berlow, A Guide to Creating Typefaces for TeX. TUGboat, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2002.
J. M. Strachan, The History of Typeface Design. Baseline, 2009.

External links

Typekit giveaway
Font structure explanation
Just Type

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Category:Letterpress typefaces
Category:Linearized typefacesHeadlines

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