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[FSX] VoxATC 6.20 Hack Tool Download

Back to the current issue though. Below is a screenshot of the VoxATC 6.20A glitch that I am experiencing. I have not only had this problem since getting the new version of VoxATC but also for two weeks before it. The interesting thing is that if I reconnect to a major ATC center like Atlanta ATL, the VoxATC window will open but all VSI will be greyed out (the INFO and VSI tabs will be open) and when I click the VSI tab nothing will happen. If I click the CONTACT tab, the WHOLE VoxATC window will disappear. Thus, I have to manually access the VoxATC window every time I connect to any ATC center.

One can get the same VOXATC messages when starting a new flight. I did a new flight, turned on VOXATC and pressed Run Atc. It’s a good way to see the warnings and errors that can be shown, some of which can be fixed relatively easily.

The file is called VOXATC.cfg and it is typically located in the sim’s config folder. You’ll find it in the folder where you installed P3d4, I believe. Simply rename it to VOXATC.bak to make sure you can start up the game with the VOXATC disabler/fixer installed. You’ll find more information in the AVSIM forum . Here’s a cut-down version of a settings dialogue box for the VOXATC disabler/fixer. I am not responsible if you do a silly thing like use this and we all end up with a few thousand extra voxes.

Thank you Lee for sharing this as I cant get VoxATC to save my settings. I have it working on one sim but on the second sim it reads the settings file and doe not save. All the settings are saved on the VOX ATC>Settings>Options-A button. It worked for the second time I installed avSIM and it did not save my name settings. After the second time I had to uninstall AvSim and reinstall as it was recognized. Other than that, the flight was perfect. I did not use VOXATC on this flight.

I restarted my flight with the VOXATC Indexer utility installed and configured to read AirfieldsScenarios.xml and AirportsScenarios.xml files. Since then the FATAL ERROR has been gone (for now).
I tried deleting AirportsScenarios.xml and having the sim re-read it and this was also a no go. I called Delta and they ask me to manually delete all records in the Sound files database table. This I did and the error persisted but VOXATC continues to work without any errors.
The errorlogs after I asked to disable voxATC seem to be the same and indicate that the flight had picked up transponder LL from the carrier TRD which is correct. I will remove the PDG and see if that clears up the issue. Also, I am retraining on my microphone to hear voxATC again and the game seems to be more reliable than it was previously. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I have been flying with VoxATC for a couple ofyears with no problems and now this. Unfortunately I need voxATC until I learn where all the runways are and how to deactivate runway 12R. I am hopeful that I can resolve this soon.
I have tried to eliminate the FATAL ERROR as much as I can without deleting anything but the error continues to occur. Its seems to be tied to receiving a comm channel from the software provider. I am using the voxax setup 6.20 for a project of mine. I downloaded a sdbiff from eatherworks using the NOMODES and installed it. I can use a software swapbiff 6.0 to a 6.20. However, I cannot swap back using this method. I am in the process of developing a generic setup for this problem. I will keep everyone informed as I make progress.



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