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How to loop an object?

I’m trying to make a game and need to loop my object.
var ball = Object({
x: 0,
y: 0,

init: function() {
this.ball = {
x: 0,
y: 0

draw: function() {


Can I do something like this:
for ( var ball in ball.ball) {



You can try this
function draw(){
for ( var i = 0; i Q:

Check if object has a pointer-to-object method

I want to check whether an object has a pointer-to-object method.
I am not sure what the best way is to do this, I want to catch all the cases that a method is defined as a pointer-to-object method. I want to avoid compiler warnings, so, please, don’t suggest to use void* or any other hack.
My question is what the best way to do this is in c++11 or c++14


Try this:

void check(T* obj)
constexpr bool has_pointer_to_object = std::is_same::value;
static_assert(has_pointer_to_object || std::is_same>::value, “”


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