The year is 2077…
All mankind lives on Exosolars, a vast connected network of planets that in the distant past were ruled by the Exoderm Empire.
Now, after billions of years of decay Exoderm technology is still used by the Eden Fleet,
The largest and mightiest military in the far-off age of the Cybernetes.
We are far away from your time but why that?
Well there was a great war between the Eden Fleet and the Exoderm Empire.
It was never really a war but more of an experiment.
The Eden Fleet was used as a weapon to create a virus that was given to the Exoderm Empire.
The virus was supposed to kill all Exoderm together with their technology.
But the whole thing failed.
But the virus was successful, the network of Exosolars was infected and the
Eden Fleet was a weapon with no purpose anymore.
As mankind realized there was no purpose anymore they all started to live on the Exosolars as well.
Why would you be a pilot of a ship on a planet with no humans, no forests and no resources.
Or as the pilots put it:
Why did we leave earth?
So they started to live on the Exosolars.
Some Exosolars were rebuilt and started to produce resources such as iron, water, methane.
Mankind who found themselves on the Exosolars started to colonize them.
The usage of the Eden Fleet declined with every passing year.
By the year 2077 it was just a huge and old wreck
That was being used by a few AI’s.
You are a soldier on this AI’s warship.
Destroy the Eden Fleet.
You start out on a planet with just a standard soldier weapon.
Each stage is an Eden Fleet.
You will earn money and experience for every Eden Fleet that you destroy.
Every Eden Fleet has a Planet it’s on.
Every Eden Fleet is numbered from 1 to 4.
Every Eden Fleet is named after a real-world planet.
E.G.: The first Eden Fleet is based on Earth.
Your mission is to destroy all Eden Fleets on a planet and earn experience by doing so.
You are in a class of about 25 pilot’s and every class has a certain amount of ships that they can fly.
If you finish a stage you will go to the next stage.
In the game you will


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Table Of Contents



The Story

Gameplay and Mechanics



Character Build


World Map


Quest Lines

Defeating Enemies


Stat Calc

Hidden Content


Fighting Pits

Character Copy Paste


The End


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The Story

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Gameplay and Mechanics

Star Ocean: The Last Hope uses a turn-based battle system. There are four types of characters in the game. There are humans, Medusans, Neptunians, and Nynrah.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope has the unique feature of being able to modify the movement of individual parts of the character. Depending on the position of the star seed within the character’s body, there are different types of movement options.

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope supports up to four players.

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a one-way gameplay that uses the strategy and tactical gameplay of a


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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front (available for purchase separately)

Company of Heroes: Soviet Assault

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (available for purchase separately)

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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor requires To the Rescue (and/or The Exodus DLC).

Company of Heroes 2

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Company of Heroes 2 includes also the next two DLCs:

Russia Today DLC

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For the first time in VN history, Monica Gold has decided to make her own games.
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Game Controllers are supported:
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The following controllers are supported by default.
Xbox 360 gamepad
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Also, please note that some actions may not be available on some controllers.
Use the “options” (icon on the toolbar) to change gamepad configurations.
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Gorgeous UI
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※The maximum number of players is limited to three.
※The above problem might be caused by issues other than “Recording-on-the-go”.
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※The following action cannot be performed during the game.
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