Cosa Nostra is a hidden object game featuring an intense gun combat style gameplay that will keep you on your toes. Completing contracts will reward you with cash, weapons, and ammo. Play it’s deadly system and take on the organized crime in one of the most influential gangs.
Cosa Nostra features:
– Unique art style
– Unique game play system
– Unique contracts
– Tons of ways to complete contracts
– An Immersive story
– Much More!

Version 1.0

May 30, 2018

You are now playing the main theme of Cosa Nostra. You can use your weapon for assassination, robberies, traps, and much more. You can create your own profile of contract abilities to use when completing contracts. Test it out for yourself!

May 23, 2018

Version 0.6

The game is coming along and ready to release.
– New contract system added
– Game level locked
– Lots of changes happening

This is the main theme that you can use while in the game.

May 18, 2018

Version 0.5

New contracts.
– New secrets that will unlock more stuff in the game.
– Co-op mode added to the game (2-4 players).
– More to come in the future!

This is the main theme that you can use while in the game.

May 16, 2018

Version 0.4

New contracts added.
New weapons added to the game.
– New features added to the game.
– New secrets that will unlock more stuff in the game.

This is the main theme that you can use while in the game.

May 15, 2018

Version 0.3

New weapons added to the game.
– New features added to the game.
– New secrets that will unlock more stuff in the game.

This is the main theme that you can use while in the game.

May 08, 2018

Version 0.2

New Features:
– New contracts added to the game.
– Co-op multiplayer added to the game.
– New features added to the game.

This is the main theme that you can use while in the game.

May 06, 2018

Version 0.1

New Features:
– New contracts added to the game.
– Co-op multiplayer added to the game


Features Key:

About the story:

Graywood is an 80s-style detective adventure, set in modern times. The sophisticated can use advanced technology for the investigation.

Addicting features:



Graywood: Noir Detective PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

THE GAME is developed by a team of 5 people.
Game Features:
Stunning visuals: With easy-to-use interface, you can explore the high-resolution world of Graywood in detail, by turning the world on its head.
An entire range of contextual activities: The game is built on top of a user-friendly interface.
White Phosphorus, Audiobooks and more: Embed the audio into the main game or create a White Phosphorus & Soundtrack Set.
Neon and Light: Create and use bright neon signs and lightware.
Multiple other activities: Come and explore the world in Graywood, by enjoying a variety of activities.
Powerful Actions:
Control the main character, Adel and his light collection of powers.
Use the camera to survey the environment and efficiently explore the environment.
Use light to dispatch various enemies.
Solve puzzles and use the different features of the game.
The Ambient Soundtrack to THE GAME:
The songs in the game were selected by Björn Palmberg, the composer. The game has a wonderfully dark atmosphere, which is expressed in the music as well.
The soundtracks are available in three forms:
Individual tracks: These soundtracks have been created in an ideal environment for listening to them. They are at normal volume and have a long runtime.
Collectable compilation: The Ambient Soundtrack to Graywood: Noir Detective Crack For Windows has been compiled into a nice package, with volume and balance adjustments, that you can put in your shelf, next to the copy of the game.
Music Set: A set of ambient tracks that you can use as the main soundtrack in a set of white phosphorous, lightware and neon signs.
Use the in-game options to decide which format you prefer for listening to the music.
If you want to use the Ambient Soundtrack to Graywood in your game, simply link the music from the soundtracks page into your game, select the track and save it into the directories you like. You can then adjust the volume and balance of the audio playback.
If you want to use a set of ambient tracks, simply go to the music set page and choose the soundtracks you want from the downloads. Choose the format you prefer and download them. Then, adjust the volume and balance of the tracks you like, and save the set.
For more information about the in-game options for using the music in your game, read this


Graywood: Noir Detective Free For PC

an action adventure where you play as Agent Tsunenaga, a detective of the White Rabbit Agency in Japan.You’ll unravel a complex mystery in a Japanese village affected by supernatural events, from ghosts to disappearing people and strange creatures that walk the streets at night.Collect items and cash throughout the game and buy new skills in order to investigate the mystery.Make use of your extensive experience to progress through the story!
Investigate and Solve the Mystery.Get to the Heart of the Story.Experience an Action-Adventure Action-Adventure
Japan-style RPG Visuals
Players can take control of the protagonist who can run, jump, wall jump and roll across the environment, engage in battles with enemies, solve environmental puzzles, interact with characters and complete side quests.
First person RPG
Players explore a dynamic, Japanese-style town with NPCs and enemies in first-person view.
A personal story narrated by the main character.
A host of mysterious creatures.
Village characters react to and react to players.
Ancillary characters, including the mother, elder sister, and cat friend of the protagonist.
By default, several of the player’s attributes (such as health and magic) are raised by successfully collecting an item and using it to complete a task, allowing players to customize their characters.
Time-limited quests
There are 16 “Day quests,” which take place on a single day, and are available to players without paying a premium. There are 8 “Night quests,” which take place at night, and are available for players who have purchased a premium upgrade.
The story begins in the middle of the night as a mysterious figure named Tenshi appears in the town of Yura Village.
Yura Village and its surrounding areas are not just inhabited by humans; various creatures from other worlds roam the streets at night.
The game contains a Story Mode that consists of 10 missions, and a Time Mode that consists of about 10 hours of play time.
New features:【Story】
Players can now experience a whole new tale!
There are 10 different stories that each feature a new set of characters and new scenes.
Players can play and watch the story in any order.
Multiple endings that will change how the story plays out.
By clearing all the Day Quests and Night Quests, players can experience the game as it was originally intended.
New tutorial section
Various improvements and additions to the


What’s new in Graywood: Noir Detective:

for Java

The Dewitt Howe Detective Agency is starting their job like any other: Meet a client. Make a plan. Work it. And… Get paid? Yes, the ordinary Dewitt Howe Detective Agency job, which used to be a favorite pastime for the gumshoe Dewitt Howe. But now he’s been laid off from his firm, the paralegal litigation are being downsized, and some of his clients may be on the verge of going into bankruptcy. No one knew how the Dewitt Howe Detective Agency would fare, but now Dewitt has to find his next source of income.

Gray Wood, Book 6: Gun Dogs of Blackmoor

Demands for evidence arise in the wake of a string of vicious murders, believed to be a cold case, in the bucolic Adirondack community of Blackmoor, New York. When the town’s police chief, a curmudgeonly former cop, discovers that the tiny village is home to upstate counterparts of a famed Chicago law enforcement agency, he enlists the help of a strapping deputy to return to his hometown, Haines Township, to help solve the old case.

A Storm of Swords: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3

The third novel of George R. R. Martin’s monumental fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. War spreads over the land in this sweltering summer, as armies clash for control of Westeros. Uniting the Great Houses of Westeros against the common enemy, House Lannister, the War of the Five Kings sets sail, bringing the riches of the east to the tiny icy isles. But no matter where the battles take place, no matter where the banners fly, no matter what enemies are made, House Stark of Winterfell will come home, and the North is far from defeated.

Reckless: Lee Child, Book 4

It should have been a quiet weekend away, finished with some chilling crime scenes and high-speed chases. But nothing’s easy in this job, is it? It takes more than an efficient professional to walk away unscathed from the world of private wealth and risk and crime. And it takes more than two operatives with one of the most brutal reputations in England – Vince Akendy and Nic West. This job needs one of them to make it to retirement…..if they last that long.

A Wrinkle in Time (Connecticut School Edition)


Download Graywood: Noir Detective Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime) [Win/Mac]


How To Crack:

  • Extract the file you have downloaded
  • Rename the Folder as below:
  • Go to the location where you extracted the Game files and double-click the.exe

System Requirements For Graywood: Noir Detective:

When in doubt, check on the CRPG Database.
Here are some systems that should run Trine 1.0. Be advised, some of these also run Trine 2.0.
Single Core:
Intel: Core i3-600, i5-2500, i5-3570, i7-4790
AMD: A10-5800K, FX-8320, FX-8350
Geforce: GeForce GTX 650 Ti, GTX 750 Ti, GTX 850 Ti
Radeon: Radeon HD

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