Hybrid Strings Electric Violin Kontakt Vst Rar



Hybrid Strings Electric Violin Kontakt Vst Rar

link:free kontakt strings
beside the famous wind instruments, strings are by far the most used instrument for film, tv, and video games soundtracks. and kontakt is a very well-suited environment for creating string library. this easy library has 23 pristine sounds, useful effects, original instruments and string setups in addition to 120 mb of files. includes a library of over 2 gb of midi files (nylon strings and steel strings). sounds include all the important string techniques, like pizzicato, tremolo, multisine, string dynamics, various hums, octaves, slides, vibratos, string extensions and much more. and of course, both straight samples, with an amp and a real electric violin, and pizzicato. making these samples very playable in kontakt and other plug-in environments.
available in wav and mka (aiff/msp) formats.
user guide included in the package.

sound on sound puts a kontakt download up for you at the bottom, so you can get it there and then convert to kontakt! is that an option for you? we hope so! either way, this is a great library for film score and game composers, and we suggest this library for anyone who wants to experiment with new and different string libraries. (5/5 stars)

recorded in the legendary sound city studio by japans top recording engineer, mitsunori aizawa!
dozens of top japanese animators use this library to create the live sound of their anime and game scores, all you need is the violins!

link: cosmic mirror by sample hero
sample heroes most recent work comes in the form of an amazing cosmic mirror, this is no ordinary kontakt instrument, but an instrument of the gods. its a sample-stuffed cosmic mirror, the sounds are totally out of this world. like an assortment of different cosmic phenomena, this instrument was made to inspire curiosity, it is designed to be played in the left hand and is played with one of the most unique control systems out there.
a layer control at the top of the gui can switch back and forth between 8 layers of sounds which can be edited like any other kontakt instrument.
the scales used to create the cosmic mirror sound are both traditional and western and include scales like minor, major, diminished and augmented. your productions will sound completely out of this world and has one of the most unique mixes of sounds that you have ever heard in a kontakt instrument!

link: woodwinds kontakt vst kontakt library by samplehero woodwind kontakt vst kontakt library is a free kontakt library created using real recorded instruments (mostly windpipes), perfectly mastered and recorded at 96khz to ensure the best quality. this is a free library and one that took the developers quite some time to compile, so if you want an all original orchestral woodwind library, this is what youre looking for.
link: burundian gnawa kontakt vst kontakt library if youre looking for a non-english african ethnic instrument library this is the one for you! the vst library by samplehero is kontakt compatible, uses perfectly working samples, and is classified as a native instruments project. so everything you need to create your african ethnic pop or rock band! by using an antique washed out sound, only the gnawa instruments and a lyre. its easy to add gnawa guitars, and percussion, like the kaba, which help widen the range of sound. traditional instruments like a talking drum or djembe, balafon, etc… are packaged with the library, so you can save time and get right to work.
link: live melodica vst for all the melodica lovers out there, this library is just what you need! the live melodica vst is a kontakt instrument created with a melodica, a tune case, and a ribbon controller. so you can play it with any of your favorite software and the result will be exactly the same as if the library was tuned by an experienced musician.
link: antique piano kontakt vst kontakt library a free kontakt instrument library of classic & old world piano. this instrument is a pick up version of symphobia’s excellent german fiedler and antique piano libraries. the library features a full piano timbre with multiple round robins, velocity articulations, unique and convincing overtones, a polyphonic sound, piano pedals, and all the articulations like thumb, finger and wrist for the pianos 88 and 61 keys. an interesting point is that the samples were recorded with a microphone in the middle of the piano, and the result is a clear, punchy sound.


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