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Is there a more elegant way to write this if condition in VBA?

There are files named with a mathematical equation. I want to create a sub that reads the file name, converts it to a string and then search the range in column A for the number in the equation.
I tried writing a sentence like “If cell(a,b).value = ” + equationString + ” Then do something….” but I would rather have a cleaner code.
Is there a more elegant way to write this if condition?
Sub SearchForEquation()
If Range(“a2:a500”) = “3×4-9×10/2×8+13” Then
Range(“e3”).Value = Range(“h3”).Value
End If
End Sub

I currently use this to read through the numbers and replace them when it finds them.
‘Reads values from a range and replaces the values to be stored
‘It reads the range until end if the cell doesn’t find the match
Public Sub ReplaceSearchingValue()
Dim SearchFor As String
Dim ReplaceWith As String

‘Read value from list A
SearchFor = Range(“A1”).Value
SearchFor = SearchFor.Replace(“1”, “x”)

‘Read value from list B
ReplaceWith = Range(“B1”).Value
ReplaceWith = ReplaceWith.Replace(“9”, “9x”)

‘Read values from list C
SearchFor = Range(“C1”).Value
SearchFor = SearchFor.Replace(“/”, “x/”)

‘Read values from list D
ReplaceWith = Range(“D1”).Value
ReplaceWith = ReplaceWith.Replace(“/”, “x/”)

End Sub


From what I can see, to search for any string between 3×4-9×10/2×8


iGO for Chinese GPS systems.rar :
IGO for Chinese GPS systems.rar, Size : 364 MB, Magnet, Torrent,, infohash : f3c347ad73547bf8f068ce7334d6c19a77e9368b, Total Files : 1.
Chinese igo or Chinese IGO: Igo means go in Chinese. This is the name of a board game.. See below (dunno where to put this) for the changelist. This version is compiled. Did you restart the phone after changing the symbols and deleting the Chinese version?

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