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Jar Design A320 Neo Serial Number

as ever i am happy to help with any questions, however in this case below are the answers to my questions in this post. i have also included the manual for the a332 found on jardesign and their pages of the a332 on the airbus website:

it is time to set up the aircraft for flight, so first we need the power to come to life. as with jardesign’s a320neo the aircraft always starts up powered down or cold (it also turns off your x-plane start up flight with engines running like the a320neo as well)

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your product serial number is a unique identifier that allows us to look up information about your product and its warranty.

on the outside of most lacie packages is a label which includes the serial number, model number, upc code, and product description.

the serial number of your product can also be found on the label attached to your drive.

see the examples listed below to help you find the serials from different models:

caution: please safely remove, then physically disconnect and power down your drive before looking for the serial number.

There are quite a few more functional areas that go beyond the real Airbus design. Most are all in a good working state, and it is all quick, simple and effective. Some very simple features are not present, like the full Airbus windows feature which you can have an option to reduce the size and speed of the windows which are also covered over on the default settings… and this can be done in several sizes… this is a very nice feature in the A330 and the A320neo for example, and it has long been a common Airbus window request. And other Airbus plans like the on-board flight calls is present and working.
ToLiSS needs an option of opening a full sandbox in the A330/A340 to be able to fly it in. With the A350, I as well would need a sandbox area for that airframe, and with the massive Airbus database and large flying experience we have from A319, A320, A330, A321 and A330… ToLiSS A330 JARDesign should be able to easily implement a A350 sandbox. If they do not, then we should do it ourselves in a few updates…
The aircraft in the full list of available aircraft is a long list and luckily the A340 is very easy to select for a buyer. In my experience JARDesign A340s are easy to get around and do not get a long list of flight conditions with a dead e-engine or issues with up draughts etc… as this is a simulation only test. In my experience JARDesign also do not need a sandbox for this aircraft, like the A320, and the A330/A340.
A feature not there is the AP Reset Position, we should have this to the original airframe design, thus when you are do a real AP reset in your aircraft, like after a nasty rollback, you will not be lost in a mess of other flight profiles. So if you reset your AP to default at the start of a sim flight and forget to press that ESC, the advanced aircraft will not a real problem… you would have done a wrong AP reset already (and wish that for your trouble)… but in the case that you do a real reset, and then go into your AP and you are lost in a real mess, and by mistake changed to an AP flight… you will not be able to go back to the AP or bring it back to the standard reset AP position, and it is a pain… again, a missing feature in the A330.

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