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Jaws Pdf Creator 5 Serial Downloads 22

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present invention relates to joint packing and, more particularly, to joint packing for use in the fabrication of a composite pipe assembly.
In the fabrication of composite pipe assemblies, there is a need to provide a seal or filling between the composite pipe components that are to be joined together. This is especially true where the composite components are made from different materials and are at different temperatures. The sealing is often done by the use of an adhesive. An adhesive-like seal, sometimes referred to as a “joint sealant” or “packing”, is used in many fluid systems. Such joint packing is used, for example, in the main pipeline of an underground mine to prevent leakage. Typically, the joint packing is fabricated by applying adhesive in a loose, bulk form to the ends of the composite components to be joined, and then pressing the components together. More recently, it has become possible to apply the joint packing in a continuous film on the joint itself to form a sealing joint.
The use of joint packing in a laying apparatus to form a continuous pipe joint, or in a vertical mill when milling out a non-axisymmetric inner layer from the pipe, presents problems. For example, in the case of a horizontal milling operation, it is difficult to make a flat surface on the joint. Thus, a joint sealant cannot be applied to the joint, even if a joint sealant is available.
One way to avoid this problem is to provide a continuous joint packing in a preformed tubular configuration. Such a continuous tube joint packing can be fed through the mill by means of the mill driving tool. Another advantage of the tube joint pack is that it can be maintained in the joint to seal the joint.
Unfortunately, there are disadvantages

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