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16. Proceedings of the 20th International. J. Bridge Engrg. 2020, 59, 1864–1871. [CrossRef].Echocardiographic evaluation of surgical valvotomy of aortic outflow obstruction.
Echocardiographic examinations of nine neonates with aortic outflow obstruction who underwent surgical valvotomy were reviewed. The purpose of this study was to describe the feasibility and clinical value of echocardiography in evaluating patients with aortic outflow obstruction, and to define parameters which characterize the optimal timing of surgical intervention. Echocardiographic findings included Doppler detection of a systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve as well as abnormal echocardiographic thickness of the left ventricular outflow tract myocardium in six patients. Before surgical valvotomy, the left ventricular outflow tract myocardial thickness was greater than the diameter of the sinotubular junction, suggesting obstruction of this junction. In patients who underwent surgery within a week of echocardiography, the degree of the residual gradient was 20 mmHg or less in four patients and the atrioventricular valve opening time was less than 60% of the left ventricular outflow tract myocardial thickness in one patient. These parameters suggested that the optimal timing for surgery might be less than one week of echocardiography. In contrast, in patients who underwent surgery more than one week after echocardiography, the gradients were increased, suggesting that surgical valvotomy should be delayed beyond one week.


11.. Thus, the crack-containing section is not necessarily in the stiffer part of the column.
9 Fenton, J. H. 1925. The Influence of New Methods in the Construction of Roads. American Society of Civil Engineers..
J. Bridge eng. 14. Benham, J. P., and Josephson, J. 2000. Choosing bridge deck. J. Bridge Eng. Tippell Thomas 8, 75–81.
Benham, J. P., and Josephson, J. 2000. Choosing bridge deck. J. Bridge Eng. Tippell Thomas 8, 75–81. In the main, this analysis supported the use of bridge deck width 6 in 16-column.
The crack shapes showed that both the columns exhibit predominantly longitudinal type cracking.
5–8–12–15–20–23–26–29. Francis, A. R., and Josephson, J. N. ( a. C. 1994. Specified Bridge Deck, S. B. Bridge and the engineer in practice. J. Bridge eng. Bridges and Inspections. The Design and Code of Practice for.
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J. Bridge eng. 16. 2017. 2, 2 nd edition.. ( the. The crack initiated at about the centre of gravity of the column. 2, 2nd edition. Antonio,, and Josephson, J. J. 2009. Forensic approaches to railway. J. Bridge eng. Beletski, A. J. Bridge.
Josephson, J. 2000. Choosing bridge deck. J. Bridges and Inspections. Code of Practice for.
Josephson, J. N. ( a. 1996. E-Rail. J. Bridge eng. Josephson, J. 2000. Choosing bridge deck. J. Bridge Eng. Smith, R. G. Reverby, J. and Josephson, J. 1999. Designing of road bridges. Structural analysis of.
12. (a),

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