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You are using a handler which has a handler called RunOnUiThread
that’s probably why your code is running on the main thread
Fix that and you can run a update on a different thread


You will need to spawn a new thread to run the piece of code that takes the picture and is below.
In order to do this you need to instantiate a new thread:
new Thread(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
// code below

It then needs to move to a loop that continuously checks what you want to do in the background. Something like:
while(true) {
if(takePicture()) {
// do whatever it is you want to do
try {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {

For the code inside the if(takePicture()) {}, it’s highly likely that you want to be running the code that you have inside the if(takePicture()) {}.

You can see an example of this in the question Can I open a file from a directory?


How do I get the hidden textfield data from a form using Javascript?

How do I get the hidden textfield data using Javascript? I am
One of my forms contains a textarea as well as hidden textbox. This is the html form code for both the textbox and textarea.

In the javascript i am trying to pull the value of the hidden field. This is my code.
var txtEmail = $(‘#ctl00_SubForm_Email’);

I want to pick the value of the textbox but all i am getting is email.

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The strongest magnetic field is harmful to humans, animals and equipment. It may cause serious injuries by magnetic metal objects penetrating the human body and by inadvertent strong magnetic fields.

According to a report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology a person can be magnetically injured in a wide range of locations. The areas of most concern are the head, the eyes, the shoulders and the neck. Magnetic fields of 250 to 500 microtesla (µT) cause hazardous effects for the human body. Above 500 µT, permanent disability may develop.

A magnetic field of 500 µT is easily generated in the passenger compartment of a car. Exposure to fields of this magnitude may cause one to bump into the steering wheel or cause an accident. The steering wheel is the weakest point in an automobile, so an accident caused by a 500 µT magnetic field could be very devastating.

For example, one person suffered permanent disability in an accident that occurred when he was reversing the car. An accident occurred when he was trying to go out of the garage while driving away. He was injured by strong magnetic fields from the magnetized pipe on the garage wall. The accident was prevented when he stopped the car, because he was not able to control the steering wheel or brake pedal as he was facing the magnet.

A protective measure recommended by the IEC is to inspect for the possible presence of strong magnetic fields whenever serious vehicle accidents occur. A motor vehicle should not be allowed into service until it has been inspected for the presence of strong magnetic fields.

Alternatively, the use of ferrous metal objects such as door knobs, light switches, and emergency brake handles, should be avoided whenever possible.

In order to provide a magnetic shield, special vehicle decals are available. Paint-on decals are simple to apply and last for long periods of time. They are inexpensive and provide a permanent shield.

There are also door and vehicle windows that have been treated with special coatings so that they are resistant to magnetic forces. These are also inexpensive and provided a permanent shield.

Technical Specifications

Support the IEC Buy Safe program

The IEC works with its member companies to provide a network of certified safety equipment for the protection of users of electrical equipment. Your current safety products and materials such as indicator plugs, fixed sockets, portable lamps, and extension cords can be independently tested for compliance with the Canadian

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