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Just Proxy VPN IP , €IP

Proxy servers are a bit like the “control” button of a dial-up modem. A user gives a proxy server a destination IP address and the proxy server routes all his requests to that IP address. Where a VPN encrypts and decrypts traffic, a proxy basically routes everything through the proxy. This makes proxy servers more than just a place to access certain websites.

VPNs are better than proxies when connecting to a specific website for multiple reasons. Proxy servers have no control over which websites a user can access from where, while VPNs give a user control over which sites can be accessed.

Proxy servers are fast and convenient, but they don’t have the best in class privacy. On the upside, if you need to connect to a site of your choice in another country, using a proxy makes it easy to do so. We tested the flexibility of the Web proxy service with its IP based country selection, you can select and change the location as often as you like.

Reverse proxies are a strong option for popular websites that need to balance the load of many incoming requests. They can help an organization reduce bandwidth load because they act like another web server managing incoming requests. The downside is reverse proxies can potentially expose the HTTP server architecture if an attacker is able to penetrate it. This means network administrators may have to beef up or reposition their firewall if they are using a reverse proxy.

Android: Go to Settings, tap Connections then tap Wi-Fi. From here, tap on the network you’re currently connected to. Tap the gear-shaped icon to the right of the network. Your IP address will be displayed here, but go to the bottom of the screen and — after making sure you’ve got your Wi-Fi Password handy — tap Forget (it’s the trash icon in the bottom-right corner). Your phone will forget the Wi-Fi network and be disconnected. Just reconnect to your network, and you should be issued a new IP address.

a big mistake with many vpn clients is to give away their ip address to external servers, as many logs host that information. if you only want to do a transparent proxy that you can close as soon as you’re done with it, consider using an openvpn setup.
a vpn connection encrypts your internet traffic, but it also changes your ip address. if someone can see your ip address, it’s possible for them to know who you are, where you are, what you’re doing online, and where you’re connecting from. this is referred to as a proxy-leak. a vpn connection is typically the solution if you need to protect your location or information.
a vpn service will show a green dot when the ip address of the proxy server is green when you use it. this is the most common proxy, and a good option for temporary vpn connections. if you are not at your desk, this type of proxy may still work for you. if you are at your desk, the vpn may not work and it will reveal your ip address. it is also the simplest way to set up a proxy to use with chrome (although, the chrome extension itself is designed to work with this type of proxy). if you use tor, the config files are simple and easy to create and set up with tor browser. the downside to this type of proxy is that it only works when you are connected to the internet via a public wi-fi connection. it’s better for hackers who are trying to bypass internet censorship.
you may be interested in setting up a proxy connection only when you want to access a certain website or use a specific application, such as netflix. this is often referred to as a vpn on demand. a vpn on demand is automatically setup when you are in the destination location. if you want to access the internet, you may need to connect to a vpn server.


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