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News and updates

The 29th 2DEES Delegate General Assembly has got under way in London, England.

The day began with a sightseeing tour of the English capital. The guests have been delighted to see many of London’s iconic sights, which includes the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, the statue of the Duke of Wellington outside the Houses of Parliament and the Westminster Bridge, that leads to the House of Parliament. The delegates have also had the opportunity to have their photo taken alongside the famous London landmark, Big Ben.

With the group now resting in the beautiful surroundings of Bloomsbury, delegates have been delighted to find out about the information and activities offered by the organisation. There will be guided tours of the British Museum, the Imperial War Museum and there will be a guided tour of the British Library. Those in attendance have had the opportunity to attend the Royal Institution of Great Britain and enjoy a series of talks at their Lecture Theatre.

However, the day wasn’t without its challenges. The delegates had to put their language skills to the test as they took part in a language-swapping exercise. The organisation’s team of translators have provided the delegates with some of the trickiest language that the 2DEES has ever encountered. The delegates have been kept busy with several rounds of German, Spanish and Portuguese in the morning session of the day.

The delegates were given the chance to visit the offices of 2DEES-Europe, who were extremely friendly and welcoming. The team encouraged delegates to sample the taste of a coffee and a cake, which the delegates were very grateful to receive.

Another aspect of the day has involved the delegates getting an idea of some of the current issues that the organisation is concerned about. It is important for us to talk to these issues because we want to raise awareness and to make sure our voice is being heard. The delegates have been given the chance to join a panel discussion about the refugee crisis, that has been happening.

The delegates are now looking forward to the next day which is all about finding out about quality and sustainability. The delegates will be hearing about the activities that the other 3 regional committees will be taking part in. After a little rest, the delegates will be participating in the final activity of the day, which is to sit on a panel discussion with other delegates.

This year the programme will focus on the topic of integrating sustainable communities. There will be a panel discussion with delegates discussing the status of this topic

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