Magix Photo Designer 7 Serial Number


Magix Photo Designer 7 Serial Number

In the event you are still working on stock images, you can now apply various editing effects and retouch techniques to an image from a different folder with the Magic Photo Designer 7. Like all photo editors, it is intended for use on original photographs and it does not allow you to edit photos that have been already used in other applications.

Magix Photo Designer 7 is no heavy weight app. But it has the power to work on graphics up to the gigabyte or even beyond. It doesnt have the ‘wow’ factor that can be found in photo editing software such as the well known Photoshop, but it offers nearly every editing and retouching tool that you can hope to find.

Here it is, the top photo is a control image I created (photos are available to download from the bottom of this review). You can see the beautiful results from the liquify feature, as well as the other features that were available to me. It took a while for the Photo Designer 7 software to process and apply the liquify effect and this was after enabling the performance settings button which stops the program from continually going through in repetitive cycles. Once the Liquify effect was applied it was time to start adding a little color correction.

The editor window has three panes on the left. The Structure panel shows the layers and masks in your image, which is particularly helpful in categorizing the section of your photo that you need to edit. The Adjust panel contains numerous settings such as contrast, sharpness, alignment, etc. that you can adjust to your liking. The Paths pane shows where you have drawn a path to apply a specific filter. Here we will be using the Picture-in-Picture feature of Photo Designer 7. This allows you to apply a filter to a small portion of your image so you can see the results without changing the overall look of your photo.


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