Megaman 9 Wad Ntsc


Megaman 9 Wad Ntsc

sega of america took the time to localize banjo-kazooie for pal regions, but dropped the ball on the other two releases. the pal versions of banjo-kazooie and banjo-tooie were given minimal if any localization work while the ntsc versions of the same games had voice acting and text all but thrown out the window. this seems crazy to us, given that the pal versions were way better than the ntsc releases. a side-by-side look reveals that the pal releases have much higher quality graphics and sound than the ntsc releases. the lack of proper localization is just one of many reasons that banjo-kazooie and banjo-tooie deserve to be on the virtual console.

unfortunately, the same can be said of xenoblade chronicles. the pal release is superior in almost every way, with few if any areas where the ntsc version is superior. xenoblade chronicles is also one of the few games where the ntsc version is better due to it featuring more content. the game is missing a number of side quests, including a few different endings, and its missing one of the game’s greatest moments when you defeat kyurem.

despite the ntsc/pal differences, the pal release is pretty darn close to the original japanese release. it suffers from the same issues as final fantasy x international (i.e. the lack of the sphere grid) and the fact that it was ported over to the us by a rather inexperienced developer. however, both the pal and ntsc-j versions of xenoblade chronicles are nearly identical, with the exceptions of a few extra dialogue and animation scenes that change the japanese version’s story.

nobody is the same person at all times, but at the time of writing i am less excited about the zx_advent cart than i am about the zx_advent disc. i still look forward to zx_advent more than i do any other cart, and i find myself drawn to the load times and original soundtrack every time i look at the disc image.
were not here to watch the 1080p port, the 720p mega man x carts are perfectly fine. however, to be able to watch the iconic intro sequence in hd is a must-have. it is the only way to truly appreciate the experience.
while mega man is a generation older than nintendo, it is essential to the continued legacy of the series. nintendo didnt release the first mega man in the united states until mega man x8. with that in mind, it would be a classic move if nintendo allowed players to play the game in its original format in the future.
i am the one responsible for this project, i created it just to test if it is really that big of a deal playing the game in ntsc format, and i can say that its not that bad at all. all the stuff where the screen is clear are actually much clearer, and the game actually runs rather better that its pal release, and i also have a higher resolution for the game boys of ntsc the 16 color 3.5″ screen was always a bit small and a little blurry in the pal version. so this version was made for the ntsc first release, and i think that you can also port it to pal if you want to without much issue. if you want the english version of the game, you can just copy everything the the pal version and replace the en version of the game with the one from ntsc, which is highly likely to be the one you are looking for. the game runs 100% fine on the game boy player in ntsc, and i only added the changes to the games files, all of the game remains unchanged.

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