“The lightmatter is fading…

You are only a shadow floating in the dark. Can you save them? Solve the crisis to reunite the lightmatter with their source and save the dream.”

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Sunday, May 28, 2014

Maggie’s Birthday Party

What would you do if you got the chance to go to a Pink Hippo’s Honeymoon Cruise? Well Maggie got to have that experience and she loved it! I think Maggie will have a special vacation event as her Pink Hippo’s way of saying thank you for everything I do with her. We celebrated her birthday at the “Honeymoon Cruise”… at least for one day…then we came back home and she got lots of presents and more cake!

So here it is, the fun day before the cruise we celebrated Maggie’s first Pink Hippo event.

They arrived and Maggie loves that she’s on a water slide all the time. I think she’s enjoying herself all the time, she’s always on her phone or tablet as I am…. so I don’t see her watching a video or trying to interact with her friends or cousins. She loves this water slide…. at least once a day…. just for fun!

She loves her hot dog and carrot cake

and she loves her dancers, see them in the pink leotard,

and the pink ribbon lining on the boat.

This party was for her classmates and I think she enjoyed herself most of all.

They arrived and got out and started running and swimming.

They played some games…

and went around the pool for some more fun.

It wasn’t busy that night, so we could all enjoy ourselves while we waited for the cruise to start and for all of the fun we would have.

It was a great day for us and Maggie had a wonderful time.

We came back home and had lots of goodies for her,

Maggie got lots of presents and more cake!

We still have lots of fun things to celebrate,


Metanoia Features Key:

  • Where philosophy and code collide!
  • Total immersion in a crazy world, where everything has weight and meaning!
  • Use the mouse to navigate, draw and draw lines, solve the world!
  • Beautiful hand-crafted, pixel-art graphics and music!
  • A unique platform-game experience. Help the Metanome escape his prison and reach the goal!
  • 4 unique gameplay levels.
  • The Metanome: An Artificial Amoeba

    The Metanome is a robot who lives in his world with intent of searching for his “Metanome Guardian”. He inhabits his boring existential world to learn about life and find the meaning.

    On his journey he makes his way through 4 unique levels and builds on each one of them. The world is coded by the player. Thus meaning is inherent to everything the player can interact with. However, on the way one can trigger his puzzles with insights towards new ideas, concepts and purpose of life itself.

    Such purpose of existence is the one thing that always reminds me of Thomas Merton. You can click on him here: website link.

    It is a world where we navigate among the lines and dots and find our purpose. Is that a game? Is that philosophy? If yes, what is philosophy?


    Metanoia Download [Mac/Win] [2022]

    Metanoia is a bullet hell game from Indie studio, Boomerang Games. The game has a science fiction theme (though most of the enemies are just simple flat shapes to cover up the complexity of the game). You play as a character named Noah, a cyborg trying to survive in space, fighting the advancing enemies while performing feats like teleportation, flying, heat-seeking missiles, explosive mines, and other neat surprises.
    Gameplay Overview
    On the world map there’s an on-screen gauge that goes from yellow to red. You can change your color from red to blue to do things like reload bullets, teleport, and so on. I highly recommend color changing; switching colors as often as possible while you’re in danger is a surefire way to stay alive.
    When you start, all of the game is as simple as a bullet hell game can be. It’s difficult to tell exactly how to survive on the first playthrough, but you can just teleport and dodge until you figure it out. You can avoid getting hit and you can use the on-screen controls to teleport and the right-click to shoot.
    You start with an energy bar. Using your bullets, you can recharge the bar. Recharging the bar takes a few seconds and you will lose a little health when it’s red. But when your bar is red, you can teleport; using the right-click of the mouse, you can teleport you and all your weapon power to any location within your current range. It’s your only option other than making a direct hit.
    What lies ahead?
    – Flying Spaghetti Monster!
    The more you die, the bigger your arsenal of weapons gets. Generally, the harder you die, the more you get, which gives you a slight advantage. Weapons increase in value with each kill and you can’t use them until you pick them up.
    The guns that you get at the start are relatively simple and do not help with anything except maybe giving you a few seconds to charge before teleporting. You start with a machine gun (4 attack and 4 range) and a laser (3 attack and 3 range). Soon the game gets more complex and you will be able to use your machine gun as a guided missile; after picking up that gun, you can now teleport into enemies and shoot missiles at them. The first attacks will be weak (aiming) or weak (hitting) but you can put in practice for later.
    After a couple of guns, you get a shotgun. It’s not your best choice


    Metanoia Download For PC (April-2022)

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    So what’s this all about? Well, in THUG I was doing some fairly late night testing. I was in a well lit room with no external sources of light so I ended up testing with the UI only. However, in a completely dark room with no UI, there was a few things that I wanted to try out, but the UI was not being enabled.
    Pick a card. Use it. (From now on, it will say Show your ID. Show your ID to do this.)But the Quest rewards you with plenty of gold. They gave you gold, but they also gave you the Gummy Root? What?Dry out the Gummy Root with a Firestone! But it’s stuck, and it’s like I’m holding a dozen Gummy Roles. Thank you, but I will handle this issue at a later time.Good-bye, for now.

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    What’s new in Metanoia:

    ‘s new release is a real treat, not just because it’s a fantastic song, it’s also because of the history behind it. Chosen and produced by Jay-Z together with Danja the track came together two years ago in the studio, during the sessions of The Blueprint 3. It is a bold declaration of Hova’s shift from rapping to producing. Bringing him something he’s never done before (BRA-formed hooks) to something the whole world has expected for years from him (full production). Even if Metanoia doesn’t trend on the charts, it will make fans cheer because of Hova’s involvement.


    “Metanoia” is one of the most inventive collabos I’ve ever been to. I believe that a good song by an artist has to have good music combined with lyrics that make sense to the listener’s ability to interpret and understand them in context with the song’s overall moods and emotions. Metanoia’s definitely met my standards. It reminds me of a specific type of song (of which I won’t give away my lucky numbers) that I’d listen to by the likes of Cypress Hill, Common Kings, Ghostface Killah, Pusha T, J Dilla, and of course the A Tribe Called Quest and Nas. Metanoia is on par with those in terms of its scope and substance.

    I am waiting to hear People Of New Orleans and I heard Bam got a beat for that too…I like how Metanoia will probably become a classic in the hip-hop world as someone who produced and wrote it.

    you know besides the fact that he wrote it, it’s his record, can he do what he wants. He’s an effective producer as well, which obviously we don’t have to respect any more in hip hop.

    this is a track not for the fad, but rather for the cult. He’s producing beats that some people will get, get hard when they hear or know that they are listening to some blockbuster beat.

    you know besides the fact that he wrote it, it’s his record, can he do what he wants. He’s an effective producer as well, which obviously we don’t have to respect any more in hip hop.

    this is a track not for the fad, but rather for the cult. He’s producing beats that some people will get, get hard when they hear or know that they are listening to some blockbuster beat.

    Click to expand…

    A lot


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