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The 16-year-old named his vehicle as Journey and started in Brisbane, Australia, on May 31. He’s made it to South Africa, followed the popular Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris, and is now in the Great Wall of China, according to a Facebook page devoted to the vehicle.

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At the end of July, he began a journey from Beijing back to Australia.

“I’m going back because I’m putting Australia on my bucket list, and getting back there will take about three and half months,” he told ABC News. “I’m making the decision to go home just because there’s only so many times I can see China as I’m only 16.”

The teen has spent the past two months in the RV with his friends. He’s been living out of it and has already covered almost 100,000 kilometers, he said, with the condition of the vehicle.

“It looks like it’s done its duty,” he said of the RV. “It’s got a lot

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Using a class to initialize the values of another class

In Swift, how would you use a single class to initialize the values of another class?
For example, I have a Class A and a Class B. Class A has some properties, and Class B has other properties. I would like to initialize the values of Class A in the initialize function of Class B. Is there a way to do this in Swift?
Something like:
public class A {
var prop1:Int
var prop2:String

init(…) {
prop1 = 5
prop2 = “bl

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